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Fucus: natural ingredient of Lipodream

The active substances with greater pharmacological activity in Fucus are Alginates and iodine. The Alginates have the property of forming viscous gels that protect the lining of the stomach and reduce acid secretion. Is also documented the effectiveness against gastro-esophageal reflux.

Alginates, swelling in the stomach, causing a feeling of satiety and a decrease absorption of the fat. Iodine has a very complex effect on the thyroid. In subjects with hypothyroidism, in physiological doses, can stimulate the functioning, while in higher doses may cause the opposite effect.
The increased thyroid function can lead to an increase in the basal metabolism with a consequent increase in the meta-
bolism of fats.

The action on the epidermis

The thyroid stimulation, stimulated by iodine in combination with polyphenol compounds highlights an interesting activity anti cellulite.