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L-Valine: natural ingredient of Lastevolution

Valine is one of the twenty amino acids which use cells to synthesize proteins. Of these, among the nine essential amino acids, valine is one.

This amino acid is one of the three branched chain (BCAA); the others are Leucine and isoleucine. These amino acids are employees only from the muscles as fuel and thus serve to lower plasma levels BCAA after physical activity. The properties of valine are manifold:

  • Is required for the development of new tissue
  • Directs and supports muscle recovery
  • It is essential to recover properly
  • Help in neuromuscular diseases
  • Prevents damage to the liver
  • Favors the balance of blood sugar levels
  • It is essential to preserve a good mental condition.


The amino acid valine is a neutral part of the genetic code. Prevents muscle atrophy after a bone fracture. Helps to reduce stress and help to sleep.
Because the human body cannot produce itself the valine, is essential to be assimilated by power.

One of the qualities that characterize this amino acid is its ready usability, as it assimilates quickly into small intestine coming quickly to muscle tissue, immediately providing energy without being metabolized by the liver.

This is a result of great interest to all those who need a lot of energy in a short time. The intake should be from 30 to 40 minutes before effort to provide sustained energy, from 30 to 60 minutes after the effort expended to restore reserves.

The valine increases resistance to fatigue; is a glucogenic, as it can be transformed into glucose and ketogenic as it can be converted into keton bodies.
Both of these expressions are metabolic active only under normal conditions but become very useful as a result of a prolonged fasting or when blood glucose decreases due to an intense physical activity.

Under certain physiological conditions such as prolonged physical activity, fasting and living in high mountains, can experience an instability of amino acids (AA) because they increase the blood and reduce those AA branched aromatic.
The assimilation of branched amino acids supports the body recovery, increases the yield performance and prevents the accumulation of serotonin in the central nervous system activity that affect nerve functions. Valine is very useful for growth and muscle strength and promotes protein synthesis.