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  • L-Threonine: natural ingredient of Lastevolution

    The threonine is an essential amino acid that must be taken with diet because in the cells of human beings is not present and the genetic heritage is not able to produce this amino acid.

    Threonine (L-threonine) is one of the nine essential amino acids that our body profit for its correct functioning and for optimal health.
    It is essential because it cannot be thrown in the body and must be acquired through diet or nutritional supplements. It is also necessary in high concentrations in the central nervous system, heart and skeletal muscles.

    The insufficiency of threonine can result in irritability and neurological dysfunction, hence the need for nutritional supplements, in this case it is indubitable.
    There has been the integration utility in the treatment of seemingly unrelated conditions. In addition to promoting optimal health, integration with threonine can also be useful in the treatment of a specific set of conditions such as:

  • Treating depression: given that a low level of threonine is often found in patients suffering from depression, what leads to the belief that nutritional supplements threonine can facilitate antidepressants therapies
  • Support the immune system. The threonine supplemen-
    tation helps maintain healthy immune system which in turn helps, is put in the best conditions for fighting viral infections, bacterial and fungal. The Threonine has the ability to promote the function of immune cells and improve the activity with the production of antibodies and agents that help fight viral infections
  • The threonine supplementation can help to preserve the health of the stomach, which in turn can defeat the indigestion and bowel dysfunction. The Threonine helps prevent the accumulation of fat in the liver by protecting the body from diseases of the liver. The Threonine also stabilizes blood sugar levels, causing less strain on the liver
  • Helps to cure epilepsy. Activity in improving the health of the central nervous system makes nutritional supplements as Threonine helpful in the epilepsy treatment. A low level of threonine lies often in patients with epilepsy.