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L-Prolina: natural ingredient of Lastevolution

The amino acid proline is a basic constituent of body proteins called collagen and elastin.
Most auctions collagen enhancement, for example, are composed of proline. It is easy to understand how important it is to obtain a better robustness of our blood vessels and for our constitution, in General, take the appropriate dosage of proline by the diet.

Proline is also essential in the process of regression of arteriosclerotic sediments. The fat globules contain chole-
sterol (high-density lipoprotein) blood vessels are internally through the “duct tape” of natural origin.

Proline is an extraordinary nonstick agent, which is able to contrast the adhesiveness of those fat globules. The curative effect presents two characteristics.
Firstly the proline helps prevent the persistent accumulation of atherosclerotic deposits and subsequently promotes the removal of grease particles which fall in the arterial walls already blood flow.

At a time when many fat globules are removed from arterial wall plaques, the sediment size is reduced, leading to a normalization of cardiovascular disease.

Proline is a non-essential amino acid that, thanks to its distinctive profile, has a substantial role in defining organic protein conformational properties and stability.


Is able to balance the activity of the immune system, stimulating when not responsive or containing when it is hyperactive.

His balancing action develops especially at the level of the thymus gland involved in T-cell formation between the functions of which is numbered the abolition of all the cells in the body that have been occupied by foreign agents or have become cancerous.