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It is the essential constituent of all proteins and is indispensable for the children in order to a proper growth and development of bone.
It is used to protect the gastric and digestive activity. Limit the diffusion of the herpes virus and is necessary to promote tissue repair processes; favors the formation of the antibodies of the hormones and carnitine.
It facilitates the assimilation of calcium and nitrogen balance in adults and also helps in colds.
Stimulates the generation of antibodies, hormones, enzymes and promotes collagen composition and the restoration of tissues. Facilitates the formation of muscle protein and its use is appreciable in convalescence following a surgical intervention and therefore also after injuries in sports. Lysine reduces excess triglycerides.
For humans it is an essential amino acid and is taken by means of nutrition because the human body is unable to synthesize it.
The lysine participates, together with vitamin C and the L-carnitine, to the oxygen catalyzation in the Krebs cycle. It supports the body during times of stress by promoting fat metabolism with anti-fatigue effect and inducing anabolism in lean body mass.
In its hydroxylated structure, known as the hydroxy-lysine, thanks to Vitamin C accelerating factor hydroxylation, takes part in the creation of collagen, the fibrous protein that contributes to the formation of bone, cartilage and other connective tissues. The Lysine increases the levels of lysyl-tyrosil-quinone, the second cofactor of the LOX (lisilossidasi) together with the copper which is
the first cofactor of lysyl oxidase. The lysyl oxidase reticulates collagen and elastin, strengthening the connective tissue preventing prolapse and supporting the healing process.