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White Willow: natural ingredient of Kalospeed

The white willow contains salicylic alcohol glycosides and derivatives that are analogues substances therapeutically useful for fever, rheumatic pains and muscular, flu symptoms, disorders of gout.
The bark of the branches is also useful to facilitate the normalization of gastric hyperacidity and imbalance in the secretion of digestive enzymes that lead to to the elimination of food does not fully digested.

The preparations of white willow may give rise to gastric disturbances and skin rashes. For external use as a result of the high content of tannins, the cortex exerts a strong astringent action on the skin and mucous membranes inflamed and promotes healing of wounds.
Baths and foot baths with diluted decoctions of white willow are traditionally used to soothe rheumatic pains and reconcile sleep.