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Orris Root: natural ingredient of Kalospeed

The quality of the Orris were much praised since the time of the ancient Rome, especially by Dioscorides. The Orris is still used both in medicine that perfumery. The rhizome chopped and mixed it may be useful to treat dropsy (disease characterized by excess fluid in the serous cavities and in the subcutaneous tissue), bronchitis, cough, hoarseness, headache and congestion.

The freeze-dried root has expectorant and emollient activity, while the fresh root has diuretic function cathartic and emetic. The active ingredients contained in the derivatives of the iris are: myristic acid, oleic acid and alpha-Irone. Saturated fats are also found in butter and in coconut oil (myristic acid and lauric acid) and have a determining role good condition of the immune system. The lack of saturated fatty acids in the white blood cells hampers their ability to detect and remove viruses, bacteria and fungi. Breast milk is very rich in lauric and myristic acid, which are endowed with the ability to kill germs.

Regarding the oleic acid, recent studies have documented its antioxidant characteristics and as an increase in the content of the same in tissues, in conditions of considerable oxidative stress (oxygen toxicity), can contribute to forming a condition significantly more protective for cells compared to a similar increase in polyunsaturated acids.

Officinale use of orris

The part used in herbal medicine is the rhizome, namely the large and branched underground stem, which develops and continues to increase with maturation. In addition to the essence called “Irone”, the rhizome also contains starch, resins and mucilage. Dried and turned into powder, it reveals an effective expectorant (useful for this in cases of asthma, good diuretic).

The Orris is a plant capable of diuretic action and antiseptic, but is also used in bronchitis, asthma, cough, vomiting and nausea. Bestows relief obstinate coughs and asthma.
For external use has wide application in the production of toothpaste. Powder can be sprinkled on skin irritations and as a cosmetic. The rhizome, husked, was given to children to chew when teething since, due to its consistency and taste sweet, it had always proved suitable.

The Orris contains in itself a complex essential oil composition, a starch, a resin called camphor Iris, the iridina (glucoside) and Irone, ketone substance that exudes aroma of violet. The Orris presents no particular contraindication.