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Juniper Berries: nataural ingredient of Kalospeed

The juniper, Juniperus communis, belongs to the family Cupressaceae. Much branched from the basis, it can reach a height of two meters. The leaves, gathered in groups of three, are about an inch long, pointed and stinging. It blooms in March and its fruit used in herbal medicine are harvested in autumn (takes two years to mature).

The berries, as big as a pea, black color-blue, have a sour taste. Gineprina contain (a volatile oil that deposes the juniper camphor), sugar, resin, potassium acetate and calcium. Since facilitate the elimination of uric acid, have given excellent results in the treatment of urinary stones, rheumatism, gout, albuminuria and of many other common diseases.

Uric acid is a substance found in our blood. When it gets too high is deposited on the joints and the kidneys resulting in the so-called gouty disease.
Known in the past as the disease of the rich or big eaters, gout, practically disappeared during the First and Second World War.

Today, in an era of physical inactivity and excess weight, increased uric acid is again topical and in fact many of the most common metabolic diseases such as obesity and diabetes are often associated also with an increase of uric acid in our blood. Uric acid may increase for the following reasons:

  • Exogenous causes: these are due to excessive power through the introduction of purines (which are the precursors of uric acid), due to an excess of food based on meat
  • Endogenous causes: these are due to excessive production of uric acid from a new metabolic pathway that is activated by an excess of non-meat proteins, but from an excess of sugary foods whose mainly fructose and sucrose are the most important.
The Juniper in Kalospeed 2

The Juniper was already known to the Egyptians who used it as a diuretic and sudorific. For these and other qualities that were conferred, Juniper was much appreciated as a medicinal plant by the most esteemed doctors of classical antiquity, Medieval and Renaissance. In herbal medicine are used berries that are harvested in the fall and incidentally those collected in northern Italy are considered superior for the characteristics of the essential oil and juniperina, the substance to which is due the most important property of Juniper , namely that of increasing the diuresis.
Juniper berries are also a good digestive stimulant and a antifermentative intestinal, an expectorant and cough-soothing.

Juniper Berries: nataural ingredient of Kalospeed

Active principles

The active ingredients of juniper are: essential oil (pinene, camphene, junene, terpinolo, cadinene), organic acids, sugars, juniperina, Alpha and beta-pinene (over 55%), myrcene, limonene, sabinene, germacrene, caryophyllene, gamma -terpinene. The active ingredients are represented by juniper essential oil which were found in large quantities terpenes, oxalic acid, malic acid, carbohydrates, resins and organic acids.
Juniper works by increasing urine output, eliminating the liver and kidneys and also presenting an action cholesterol lowering, anti-diabetic, respiratory and urinary disinfectant, expectorant and sedative of the cough, aiding digestion and activating anti-fermentative action of the intestine.

Main Activity

Flavoring, diuretic, antiseptic, balsamic. The most important property of Juniper is to increase diuresis. This activity, suitable for rheumatic, arthritic and to the gouty was evaluated and proven and has its origin mainly from the presence of a drug in the essential oil. This is also an antiseptic of the urinary and respiratory tracts; is a good digestive stimulant, an intestinal antifermentative, an expectorant and a soothing cough. Recent studies have shown the hypoglycemic activity of the berries.

It was examined the decoction of ripe berries to 10% by dry weight and is a search was performed on normoglycemic and diabetic animals. The research has documented the decline in blood glucose levels in both groups, both for the effect of a more relevant peripheral glucose uptake, both for the induction of insulin secretion. As can be stomachic in atonic digestive support.

Juniper also exerts activity on the central nervous system. In particular, the extract of juniper berries is a calming nervous that, in addition to the action relaxing, promotes meditation. The Juniper can also be used to combat nervous exhaustion and psychological stress - emotional.
The berries of Juniper Can also be used in the treatment of various circulatory diseases such as arteriosclerosis, circulatory stasis, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, cellulite and water retention.