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Bitter Orange: nataural ingredient of Kalospeed

It is one of the most popular citrus fruit and contains valuable vitamins. Vitamin B for a fundamental power supply correct and important for the balance of the nervous system; vitamin C which regulates intercellular exchanges; vitamin P or rutin which increases the strength and elasticity of the blood vessels.

It is an excellent remedy for tired people which can be found in almost no time the lost energy.
It contains minerals such as calcium, bromine that has calming effect, magnesium that helps to maintain the balance of the nervous system and provides defense against certain diseases such as cancer, phosphorous which stimulates brain activity, zinc that increases the 'action and the effectiveness of vitamins, copper and iron that participate in the process of manufacture of red blood cells, the sulfur which strengthens ligaments and tendons.

It is also useful in case of intestinal disorders, hepatic and gastric. It is relatively low in sugar, so it can be consumed with a certain tranquility by people who suffer from diabetes. A precious fruit, and pleasing to the palate with a good mix of nutrients useful!

It is therefore recommended a "cure" made with orange juice in the season when the fruit is abundant. For example you can consume 2-3 glasses of juice per day, for 1-2 months, in the case making a pause of 4-5 days every 15 days.

An excellent choice for people who take to its own health

Bitter orange contains: essential oil, citroflavonoids, carote-
noids, vitamins A, 131 C. It has significant antispasmodic action. Characterized by the presence (at a certain point of maturation) of 5 adrenergic amines: synephrine, octopami-
ne, hordenine, tyramine and N-methyltyramine, promotes the burning of fat, increases muscle mass and improves physical performance without presenting the side effects of ephedrine and efedrino-alike who being fat soluble, can cross the blood-brain barrier with risk of cerebral and cardiovascular problems. Conversely the alkaloids of citrus aurantium are not able to cross this barrier and act in the periphery without any risk.