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Humor: frequently asked questions

In this section we list those that have so far been the most frequently asked questions (and answers) received about the product Humor against the decline in female sexual desire. If you would posit new ones, please write us at Thank you for your valuable cooperation.

What is Humor? Humor is a natural product and natural supplement in tablets formulated by researchers from Wonderup-Naturdieta in order to fight and solve problems to HSDD or hypoacti-
ve sexual desire disorder

Who is it useful? It is useful to all those who suffer from HSDD or hypoactive sexual desire disorder and want to rebalance the sexual desire and improve libido by increasing sexual satisfaction and pleasure.

What is the reason why so many women suffering from HSDD or hypoactive sexual desire disorder? Because their estrogens and serotonin are reduced. Serotonin is also a valuable regulator of gastrointestinal organs and autonomic activity. For this reason, during the premenstrual syndrome is evident not only irritability, aggression and depression but also abdominal swelling, aggravation of symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, digestive complications, fluid retention, weight gain and swelling.

However, the mood is not only dependent from serotonin. Other precious neurotransmitters are influenced by estrogen, for example, endorphins, our molecules of happiness. In the absence of estrogen, their share drops significantly. This action, in union with the fall of the serotonin contributes to a pejorative mood change, up to a clinically significant depression.
This is unfortunately not the only action caused by lack of estrogen, resulting in a negative change of mood, since it is also reduced dopamine, which turns out to be the accelera-
tor biochemical desire and need to do. Low levels of estrogens and androgens also reduce sexual desire, vitality and self-esteem by increasing muscular problems and the difficulty of intellectual concentration.

Humor: frequently asked questions

How is it that other treatments may seem unnecessary? If you are not able to get to sleep, the pills are not everything. Are followed two pathways important in the treatment of HSDD or hypoactive sexual desire disorder: the pharmacological action and intervention of psychological support.
The first acts on the symptoms and can cause unpleasant side effects and correlation of biological and mental. The psychological support instead, in contexts less problematic, helps the subject to re-establish the condition of stability lost presumably because of a breakdown. The exhaustion is a situation in which it produces an imbalance between emotional impulses and the opportunity to tackle them in an appropriate manner.

From officinal point of view, the non-pharmacological method of cure considers various opportunities, including the use of supplements such as Humor. Especially forms a basis psychic react positively to this method of cure.
A new U.S. research explains that in individuals with anxiety and depression and sexual problems, the herbal medicine therapies are indicated as first-line drugs. In the profiles associated with depression and sexual desire disorder (HSDD), the most useful plants are those formulated in Humor.

A supplement of considerable interest for the adjustment methods HSDD - Hypoactive sexual desire disorder  is the amino acid tryptophan, which is evaluated as the essential amino acid so that the brain can produce serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter that also regulates sleep and mood.
The most therapies allopathic have perfected the formation and resorption of serotonin. Tryptophan is by nature in some nutrients such Humor and is also used as an antidepressant in anxiety states.

How Does Humor? Humor is able to turn on the desire and to suffer to a lesser extent to stress and re-energize in the relationship with your partner. Has the effect of inhibiting the superego (the super-ego is seen as a function of the ego that manifests itself mainly in a role censor and critic with a permanent monitoring of the aspects of the ego which is different), enhancing the instinctive part of yourself.
The goal of Humor is to make return the sexual desire of women to a normal state. The mechanism of action of Humor indicates an activity on the brain neurotransmitters, which are important in regulating mood, such as serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine.

Humor: frequently asked questions

Is it safe? The formulation of Humor was studied with the utmost care and attention. The herbs used in its composition have been carefully selected for their validity and safety demonstrated. Are herbs that time are used and analyzed worldwide.
Naturdieta applies precise and strict checks and protocols for the protection of the production models. All products Naturdieta and Humor therefore, are registered at the Ministry of Health.

The components are safe? Absolutely. The formula is made with the highest quality ingredients. The unique Swiss formulations product line Naturdieta can only be found in our products that are regularly reported to the authority in charge. The herbs and the nutrients contained in Humor have been used extensively and effectively for centuries for their therapeutic effects.

Humor does not contain synthetic additives, dyes, or preservatives. It contains no animal products and contains no GMOs but only natural herbs selected from organic cultivation. In our products are NOT used any genetically modified substances or GM foods.

How many tablets are in each box? In each box there are 60 tablets with a net weight of 48 g. Taking three tablets a day (recommended intake), the length of time the product is three years from the date of manufacture stamped on the bottle.

What is the dosage? You should take one tablet during the day and one or two tablets before bed with half a glass of water, continue for an uninterrupted cycle (minimum two packs) for best results. The assumption of Humor also prolonged non-addictive and can end at any time you want.

What are the response times of Humor? Phyto-Dynamic: Humor is absorbed in 15-20 minutes. The plasma half-life is about 5 hours, with renal elimination, regular and free metabolites unchanged.

And if you forget a dose? If for any reason you forget to take a dose, you can still recover as soon as you remember. If you will be regular and able to follow the prescribed dose, the sooner you will attain the benefits.

There are no contraindications with birth control pills? There is no kind of contraindication between the two products and therefore, we can safely assume any type of pill. Humor in no event can prevent its smooth operation.

What are Humor expiration times ? The expiry date is printed on the packaging and is equal to 3 (three) years from date of manufacture.

Humor: frequently asked questions

Why for every natural component of Humor has been chosen the dried extract? What are the benefits of standardization and titration of the Humor dry extract? Before anything else, the repeatability and reproducibility of the therapeutic outcome. In addition, thanks to the accuracy of the quantitative trace and substantial of the active principle used, the dry extract allows to minimize the side effects from overdose.
For the formulas of its supplements Naturdieta-Wonderup choose the best dry extracts of medicinal plants and does not add other substances not absorbed by the body.
Naturdieta only uses these extracts because, as widely stated in the international literature, the dried extracts are:

  • More indicated when compared to the objectives of the plant such as pulverized
  • Safer since the chemical compound is standardized
  • More stable and therefore less danger of biological deterioration
  • More harmless to the stomach, due to their complete solubility
  • More systematic use because their active ingredients are known and titratable
  • Faster response due to the high concentration of the active substance
  • More conveyable to the stable concentration of carrier particles.

What do you mean “dry extract titrated”? The dry extract can be titrated in active principle, wanting to indicate with the term titration a procedure that allows to assess accurately the presence and amount of active substance and assuring their therapeutic efficacy. The dry extract is undoubtedly the most effective form because it contains all the active ingredients of the origin plant.

Will be respected privacy? The package will be anonymous? The privacy of our customers is one of our priorities. The order will be completely anonymous in bags or boxes and the accompanying documentation does not specify the nature of the content. We apply the international rules regarding privacy.

What guarantees do you provide? This product is offered with a guarantee “Satisfied or Reimbursed”. This will determine the actual validity of the product and also determine the degree of satisfaction obtained. If the customer fails to be satisfied for any reason, will be possible to contact our Customer Service Center that will provide all the information to get the refund.

How long do I have to keep waiting to receive the order? We ship every day from Monday to Friday. All orders received in the morning are shipped the same day, while those received in the afternoon after 12.00 are shipped the next day. The average time of delivery is 7 working days.

How much are the shipping? Our products are delivered safely with registered post. The cost of delivery is equal to € 12.00 and they can always be recovered by taking advantage of the discount on multiple orders or reaching the purchase price of € 150.00.

There is a customer’s service? Our service is available for any clarification or questions you have before or after the purchase of our products. More information here: Info & support.