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Below you can read the questions and answers that are more often associated with the Genesis anti-aging product and favor cellular and cardiovascular regeneration. If you have a doubt or you will not get a satisfactory answer on this page, we kindly ask you to contact us at this email address: info@naturdieta.comed one of our experts will be at your disposal to satisfy any of your request. Alternatively you can also contact us on Skype (naturdieta1)

How does it work?

The new nutraceutical Genesis is born precisely with the desire to prevent and slow down the early cellular deterioration and is proposed with a formulation that can also adapt to the different endocrine process of senescence that comes to distinguish the two sexes. The Genesis formula is the only solution in the Italian market for nutraceuticals and medical devices, which takes into account the different hormonal decline in humans and women, and thus counteract the cellular aging caused by the decline in androgens. Thanks to Relaxin present in two components of Genesis, the product is able to promote the appearance of new arterial formations: it not only protects the blood vessels but helps to create new ones in case of insufficient circulation.

Naturdieta's Genesis is a safe, certified and notified product?

Naturdieta's Genesis is a natural food supplement made up of officinal herbs. Genesis is not a synthesis product and does not contain any chemical or additive. No side effects were observed after the recommended intake. Taking Genesis is a safe choice. Genesis is scientifically tested and is produced in certified ISO 9000 laboratories, as is regularly notified to the competent authorities.

What are the major benefits that you find by taking Genesis?

From the study of the properties owned by Genesis it is easy to indicate its use to ensure continuity of the arteriovenous and cardiovascular system. In this context, there are three major risk factors for vascular well-being: increased blood pressure, cholesterol-lowering (HDL, LDL, VLDL and triglyceride) alterations and increased of platelet aggregation.The use of Genesis provides functional functional principles capable of ensuring normalization of platelet activity and preventing its pathophysiological alteration.Genesis slows down and makes the aging process regressive. The active ingredients in Genesis increase cellular bioenergy. Genesis significantly increases sperm, decreasing abnormalities and improving sperm survival rates.

How long should you wait before you get the results?

It will be possible to achieve the first results already after the first two weeks of the beginning of Genesis's intake. They will be highlighted with an improvement in the overall energy status. For best results, we recommend taking the medium / long product daily. Prolonging the time of taking the product will not cause any contraindications.

At what age you can take on Genesis?

Genesis can be hired at all ages from eighteen to seventy years and beyond. Great results have been achieved both with younger customers and with older people. If you are under medical prescription, it may be helpful to seek advice from your doctor before taking Genesis together with other medicines.

What ingredients are used in the Genesis formula?

Genesis capsules contain natural active ingredients that are tonic and reconstitutive, including sex. Genesis does not contain any synthetic components or chemical additives. Here are some of the active principles that go to compose Genesis:  Bovine Colostrum, Bacillus Subtilis 25 ML.D, Spirulin, Coleus Foskolii e.s., Cordiceps Sinensis, Polygonum Cuspidatum.

I'm in a foreign country: can I buy it equally?

Certainly. We accept orders from all over the world. In this case the payment must be received in advance and exclusively by credit card or bank transfer.

How many Genesis bottles will I serve?

Each bottle of Genesis contains 80 tablets. The recommended dosage is four tablets per day: two for lunch and two for dinner. In this way, each package will last 20 days. To obtain excellent results, it is recommended to purchase a 3 to 5-month dosage, depending on your needs.

How to buy?

Right now Genesis is available through the internet on our website We are the exclusive formulators and distributors of this product. You can purchase Genesis easily and safely from our shopping cart or by phone.Payment methods available are credit card, bank transfer and check mark. In this latter case you will pay the product to the courier at the time of receipt.

Come verrà inviato il mio ordine?

All our products are sent anonymously and without any kind of ad serving as a sender "Wonderup S.a.g.l.". Your welcome order will be delivered within 3 working days by Bartolini express courier. If no one is found at the time of delivery, a notice will be given. We request your cooperation in the withdrawal of the desired product as in the case of non-withdrawal it will return to the sender with relative expenses on our behalf.

What are the reaction times of Genesis?

Genesis is assimilated in 15-20 minutes. Plasma half-life is about 5 hours, with renal elimination, regular and unchanged metabolites.

And if you forget to take a dose?

If for any reason you forget to take a dose, you can still recover as soon as you remember. More regularly you will be able to follow the posology, before the benefits will come.
Are contraindications with the birth control pill?

There is no contraindication between the two products so you can safely take any type of contraceptive pill. In no case will Genesis prevent its smooth operation.

What does Genesis expiration times?

The expiration date is on the packaging and is 3 (three) years from the date of production.

How is the quality control of your products?

External findings on laboratory studies, toxicology and healthcare are carried out by competent units in accordance with protocols established by the Ministry of Health, as well as external laboratories are concerned with quality assurance.

Let us recall that art. 8 of the EEC Directive 65/65 states that: "For the registration of biomedicines such as supplements, it is not necessary to provide the toxicological test results and the conclusions of clinical trials if, by means of detailed references to the published scientific bibliography, it is verifiable that the components are of traditional use with recognized efficacy and with an acceptable degree of safety of use. " The criteria of judgment considered by Naturdieta - Wonderup Sagl in the selection of plants and in the presentation of their products are:

  • No bacterial charge
  • Absence of heavy metal
  • Absence of aflatoxins
  • Absence of pesticides and chemical preservatives
  • Quantitative verification of active ingredients
  • Examination on interactions
  • No radioactivity
  • Structure resistance control.
How are your products made?
The specific peculiarities of the remedies we have conceived are:
Functional and confirmed efficacy
The modularity of assimilation of the essences inside the formulation
The synergistic release of the various components
The synergic activity between the different plants
The privileged use of titrated and standardized dried extracts.

Will privacy be respected? Will the package be anonymous?

The privacy of our customers is one of our priorities. The order will be forwarded in envelopes or boxes totally anonymous and the accompanying bubbles will not specify the nature of the content. We apply the International Rules for Privacy. No writing or logo related to the product is printed on the package. We realize that the product deals with very personal issues and that customer privacy is one of our most important priorities.

How long will I have to wait to receive the ordered product?

We ship every day from Monday to Friday. All orders received by the morning are shipped the same day, while those arriving in the afternoon after 12.00 are shipped the following day. Shipments of our products are made using theBartolini Courier Express . Delivery will take place at the address you notified. The average delivery time of the goods is 3 days.

How much are shipments?

Our products are delivered safely with the Bartolini Courier Espresso. The cost of delivery is € 6, which can still be recovered with a discount on multiple orders or at a purchase price of € 150.00.

There is a support service for clients?

Our customer service team are available for any information or questions you had before or after the purchase of our products. Find all references on the page contact us.