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The aging process proceeds well and after 35 years, its negative effects begin to be evident. It slows down the overall metabolism and therefore the activity of thyroid hormones.
Not only that: as advances of age decrease sexual hormones, slow down the digestive system, tissues dehydrate and the muscles and joints stiffen, toxins accumulate between cells, decreases the functioning of the immune system that struggles to recognize infectious agents, reacting only partially to them.
Genesis helps the body to eliminate toxins and increases the ability to detoxify the liver and counteract oxidative stress. Optimize levels of insulin and glucose utilization, fundamental in indirect control of many hormones. It counteracts glycation processes that reduce the efficiency of hormones and substances involved in aging.
It maintains a balance in organic processes in order to prevent cell aging, skin and organic, fighting free radicals. Prevents the onset of hypertension and atherosclerosis,diabetes, osteoporosis and reduce the risk of cancer, cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's.
Genesis maintains or enhances production optimally and then the levels of hormones and aging biohumoral key substances such as GH, IGF-1, insulin, glucagon, cortisol, DHEA (defined antiaging hormones). It keeps our body and brain in an optimal state of well-being, reducing the potential of all those elements that can damage our body and our ideal future.
Supplementation with Genesis retards aging and reduces the incidence of disease, which is why it must certainly be part of a healthy anti-aging diet. The Genesis biological effect is known from the beginning of treatment: you can detect the gradual reduction of superoxide in the blood and tissues, incontrovertible sign of the effectiveness of the product in the anti-aging.
In those who use Genesis against aging, time seems to pass much more slowly;the fabrics have a more youthful appearance, the skin is fresher, elastic and with less wrinkles, more lustrous and shiny hair, more resistant nails and a lighter coloration, more turgid and tonic muscles, and the way to move more snappy.

Contrasting aging does not mean only outwardness; The regular use of Genesis against aging allows it to act on all tissues in general, so that the body internally benefits from it. The various internal organs and apparatus benefit from the anti-aging action and the effects come to fruition in a better health that lasts longer than a normal situation. In this case Genesis anti-age also assumes a precious and healthy value.

The new nutraceutical Genesis is born precisely to counteract and slow down early cellular aging and is born with a formulation able to adapt to the different process of endocrine senescence that comes to characterize the two sexes. Genesis's formulation is the only solution in the Italian market for nutraceuticals and medical devices, taking into account the different hormonal decline in humans and women, and contrasting respectively the cellular aging caused by the decline of androgens and the estrogen decline.

From the research of the qualities possessed by GenesismIt is easy to indicate its use to ensure a long-term well-being of the artery-venous and cardiovascular apparatus. In this context, there are three most important risk factors for vascular well-being: increased blood pressure, alteration of cholesterol levels (HDL, LDL, VLDL and triglycerides) and increased Platelet aggregation.

The introduction of Genesis allows functional principles to be available to ensure normalization of platelet activity and to prevent its pathophysiological alteration..