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Composition of natural product Genesis

Genesis is a food supplement with Plygonum cuspidatum and Coleus Forskolii that regulate the function of the cardiovascular and arterial pressure vessels. Genesis slows down and makes the aging process regressive. The active ingredients in Genesis increase cellular bioenergy.

Thanks to Relaxin, Genesis is able to promote the appearance of new arterial formations: it not only protects blood vessels but helps to create new ones in case of insufficient circulation.

Genesis significantly increases sperm, decreasing abnormalities and improving sperm survival rates..

Genesis significantly increases sperm, decreasing abnormalities and improving sperm survival rates.Genesis increases physical resistance. It is very effective against all types of bacteria that have developed resistance to other antibiotics. It consists of six highly titrated active ingredients. The Genesis formulation has been evaluated with the utmost care and attention and after years of research and nutritional studies.The components used in its composition have been selected for their validity and proven safety. They are active principles that have long been used and analyzed all over the world. Naturdieta applies precise and strict international audits and protocols to safeguard product preparation models. Here are some of the active principles that go to compose Genesis: Bovine Colostrum, Bacillus Subtilis 25 ML.D, SpirulinaColeus Forskohlii e.s., Cordiceps SinensisPolygonum Cuspidatum.

Features of characterized ingredients

Average values for the maximum daily dose, equal to 4 capsules of 495 mg: Colostrum Bovine 800 mg., Bacillus Subtilis 25 Ml.D 320 mg., Spirulina 120 mg., Coleus foskolii e.s. 108 mg. Titrated to 10% foskolina - 10.8 mg foskolina intake, Cardiceps sinensis 108 mg., Polygonum cuspidatum 80 mg. Titrated 98% resveratrol - resveratrol intake 78.4 mg.