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Genesis is a psychoenergetic integrator composed exclusively of natural elements that radically intervenes on cellular rejuvenation favoring better performance both within a normal working and sporting life (even at professional levels) and sexual. Genesis slows down and regrows the aging process by stopping the degeneration of the body's cells, immunizing the system.

Genesis is a set of active ingredients that can prolong your longevity, helping maintain the health of your entire body optimally, improves mental faculties, resistance and immunity to disease by giving strength to the organs of sense, resistance to physical decay. It opposes the degeneration of body tissues, increases manhood, physical vigor, and quality of life.

  • Genesis is a natural supplement that contains a variety of known herbs that promote muscle mass growth by inducing better sports performance and faster recovery
  • Genesis protects the cardiovascular system by decreasing the pressure and improving circulation making it more fluid
  • It strengthens the immune system with anti-inflammatory action
  • Thanks to resveratrol contained in Genesis, nitric oxide formation is encouraged that relaxes and dilates the arteries.It promotes the formation of nitric oxide that relaxes and dilates the arteries.It protects the brain from oxidative stress
  • Thanks to Bacillus Subtilis contained therein, Genesis can stimulate the immune system to such an extent that it induces to produce a broad spectrum of antibodies, including those that fight the intestinal and urinary tract, Rotavirus and Shigella.

In Bacillus subtilis and in Colostrum like those in Genesis, Relaxin was also discovered.Relaxin is precious in the treatment of atherosclerosis, stroke and, in general, heart disease and not only because it is involved in many other pathologies and in regulating the functioning of so many biological mechanisms so as to significantly affect the longevity of people starting with women.

Relaxin is able to promote the appearance of arterial neoformations: it not only protects blood vessels but helps to create new ones in case of insufficient circulation. It is therefore possible to state that Relaxin is presumably the most important of the vascular hormones. It has full effectiveness in primary prevention and as a vasodilator removes the risk of hypertension and plaques; is a valid secondary prevention tool, as has been demonstrated in stroke or other atherosclerosis studies; is a valid acute phase therapy, as in the case of heart failure and heart failure.

By preventing and treating the affections of the circulatory system, the first cause of mortality, we can also assert that lengthen life. The action of this hormone causes vasodilation - especially microvascular - that promotes circulation, effectively undoing all the consequences of a lack of blood supply to the brain, heart, and body in general. The relaxin promotes nitric oxide release and antagonizes the effects of endothelin resulting in peripheral vasodilation, improvement of cardiac output and renal function. It also has a potentially beneficial long-term antifibrotic action on cardiac function. Treatment with relaxin improves overall function of patients with severe peripheral arterial disease..

Thanks to the Cordyceps sinensis contained in Genesis, once taken, the supplement promotes greater fatigue resistance, improves respiratory activity, increases oxygen absorption, boosts cardiac activity, contributes to maintain healthy levels of cholesterol, Improves liver function, improves renal dysfunction. The use of Cordyceps increases cellular bio-energy - ATP (adenosine triphosphate) - to an estimate of fifty-five percent. .

Cordyceps like the one in Genesis has proven to boost libido and the quality of life of women and men and counteract infertility and increase counts and the survival of spermatozoa.
Among the most well-known medicinal actions of Cordyceps sinensis n Genesis there is an increase in physical strength. Cordicepine is very effective against all types of bacteria that have developed resistance to other antibiotics.
Genesis Cordyceps significantly increases sperm, decreasing abnormalities and improving its survival rate of spermatozoa.