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Bovine Colostrum: natural ingredient of Genesis

Colostrum is the initial product secreted by the mammary gland and prepared in the last weeks of gestation and hired from the newborn in the first period of attack on the mother's breast. The chemical and physical characteristics of the composition are therefore different from those of their milk because the colostrum has its main function to prepare the digestive system of the infant to the assimilation of the mother's food and to protect the early stages of life in terms of the immune system, to whose immaturity it compensates with a passive protection.

Colostrum has the main function to prepare the digestive system of the newborn to the assimilation of the mother's food and provide the immune system during the early stages of life, being rich in immunoglobulins. The equine colostrum has features common to bovine colostrum and to that of humans. The equine colostrum has a content of fats and cholesterol that is approximately one third of that of cow's milk and the ratio between unsaturated and saturated fatty acids is of 1.32 against 0.45.

The protein fraction is constituted by serum proteins for about 50% and the content in lysozyme is very high. The feeding relationship between calcium (Ca) and phosphorus is 1.7, very close to the optimum value for the assimilation of calcium. Mare's milk is administered to premature babies instead of that of the motherto the subjects emaciated and operated, in the states post-hepatitis and post-infectious, chronic ulcers, in typhoid and paratyphoid. Many of these therapeutic qualities are due to the lactose content that approaches the equine milk at the human. Colostrum therefore possesses a considerable variety and ductility of indications in the field of food physiological and pathological.
Colostrum is the substance that secretes the mammary gland in the first 48-72 hours after birth. This moment is so vital that, without it, many newborn mammals would not be in the condition to stay alive. For many reasons, it can not easily avail of the human colostrum and can not represent a primary source of active ingredient from assimilate. In the last ten years it was found in bovine colostrum the most viable alternative production both in quality and quantity - for the human intake. In addition to being a significant source of protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, colostrum is provided of multiple biologically active molecules, important for immune activity and growth.

The factors present in the bovine colostrum are almost equivalent to those found in human colostrum but many are more significantly and pharmacologically interesting how certain immunoglobulins and growth factors that are present in amounts about 4 times higher than those found in human colostrum.The most important constituents of colostrum are immune factors and various growth factors.

The immune factors provide for the general immunity and protection against infections in the first weeks of life, while the growth factors promote the growth of the newborn.After the age of development, the amount of immune factors and of active growth in our body starts to decrease. Later, with the rest of the age, we become simply more susceptible to diseases and the energy level decreases, the dermis begins to lose elasticity, and weight increase and decreases muscle tone.

Given that we live in a poisoned environment, full of pollutants and allergenic substances and under different conditions by our evolutionary system, associated for more to a remarkable series of accumulation factors (carbohydrates, fat and salt in particular) the general lowering of the immune efficiency could be at the root of many diseases and alterations.

Several studies have shown that colostrum possesses intrinsic immune capacity and growth factors that lead the body to a state of homeostasis and to a situation of natural and healthy well-being. Colostrum supports the natural immune activity and allows us to counteract the harmful effects of air pollutants and allergens when we come into contact with them.

In addition to this, the existing growth factors in colostrum shall implement some kind of positive side effects in the body in good health, an increased ability to metabolize fats and a significant facility in expanding muscle mass and renew muscles and skin.In colostrum, there are over 90 known components.

The immune factors and growth are the main ones. In it is contained a precise balance of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, and among these the precious glutamine. Glutamine is, in fact, the most abundant amino acid in muscle tissue. Around 60 %% of amino acids present at the inside of the muscle cells are made from glutamine; The body uses it as a precursor of almost all the amino acids. All these factors proceed synergistically to restore and maintain a good health condition.
It has been shown that the elements present in colostrum support the body in the defense against pathogens, microbes and fungi. Each element plays a special role in the protection of our body. Beyond that, colostrum holds more than 20 specific antibodies, including those for Coli, Salmonella, Rotavirus, Candida, Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, Helicobacter Pilori and others.
Multiple searches, both in vitro and clinical, have found that in addition to immunoglobulins, colostrum is equipped with a factor that strengthens a little active immune system, while it tends to balance an overactive immune system, such as that present in autoimmune diseases.
Much has been debated and much controversy are still ongoing on the validity of the anti-flu vaccines even if their use
is widely used and recommended. Different groups of people have no benefit scientifically documented due to the use of vaccines.
Multiple studies have been conducted to determine the validity and the level of protection from flu-like infections by the vaccines but is lacking still strong evidence of their effectiveness including the cost of these products.
Doubt on vaccination is controversial and can be known side effects. In addition to this, is hypothetically possible to obtain remote consequences caused by other conditions that are not verified at the time (for example, viral fractions, or other factors not known). Colostrum is usually prove to be valuable to stimulate and regulate the immune response and maintain a state of good health without side effects.
The growth factors promote the growth and repair of bones, nervous and connective tissue muscles, skin and cartilage. It was noted that these factors develop muscle mass, help the body burn fat and promote the healing of wounds. We'll also assume that the growth factors limit even the aging by reducing the appearance of aging. The active growth factors in colostrum are able to:
Act on brain metabolism by regulating some mediators and improving mood
Promote regeneration and enhance the growth of muscles, bones, cartilage, skin, collagen and nerve tissue damaged or become old
Support the use of fat for energy rather than of muscle tissue in the case of fasting (diet) and generate and maintain a lean muscle tissue (regardless of the diet)
Favor the regulation of blood glucose levels and brain chemicals, increasing attention and concentration
Promote skin restoration when applied topically
Repair selectively RNA and DNA of our body.