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Generical questions

Are the marketed products notified to the Ministry of Health?
Yes, the products we have formulated and proposed are regularly notified to the Ministry of Healt.

Do the products offered on your website require medical prescription?
They do not need medical prescription because they are recognized as "Food Supplements"; They do not have any side effects, however, the advice of a trusted physician is advised.

You can ask for explanations about the products and also ask for advice?
Certainly. Mr. Giorgio, Wonderup Researcher S.a.g.l. Is always available to answer any questions about the formulas and characteristics of each proposed product. The numbers to be able to speak are:

  • Vodafone - (+39) 349.75.44.328 N.B.The WhatsApp application is also available on this issue
  • TIM - (+39) 333.19.83.462
  • Orange - (+41)
  • Office - (+41)
  • Skype - naturdieta

You can buy your products instead of electronically, by phone?
Yes, it is possible! Phones are always open. You can call the following numbers:

  • Vodafone - (+39) 349.75.44.328 N.B.The WhatsApp application is also available on this issue
  • TIM - (+39) 333.19.83.462
  • Orange - (+41)
  • Office - (+41)

To make an order, it is sufficient to provide your name, the quantity of the product requested, a telephone number that could be useful to the courier, an email address to which the Bartolini Courier will send an e-mail with which he will provide the alleged day and time for the delivery.

Naturdieta.com is a secure website?

An appreciable preliminary operation, before buying on the internet, is to identify the seller. On our site is identifiable by a link on all the pages that will take you immediately to the contact page.

What product type proposes on naturdieta.com?

The products we propose are not medicines but produced with health purpose identifiable with dietary supplements disciplined in Italy by D.Lgs. 21 2004, n 169.

The products of the Naturdieta Line are exclusively of natural origin and consist of concentrated extracts of medicinal plants and supplements, trace elements and vitamins aimed at the product's functionality on our body. They contain active ingredients aimed at the disorder and the metabolic disorder that deal. The formulations are processed according to third-generation pharmaceutical concepts and biomedical principles, exploiting the relationship between the plants and their effective active ingredients since their intake.

what is your company philosophy

Our philosophy prefers nature with confidence in science. We have learned to know very well Nature, which for over thirty years has given us the active plant, mineral and marine principles we use in large numbers in the formulas of our products. Science allows us to identify them, make them usable, combine them and safeguard them to achieve the highest level of effectiveness, safety and compatibility.