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Meadowsweet Spirea: ingredient of Evergreen

The Meadowsweet Spirea is called “aspirin plant” and is a medicinal plant whose peculiarity is to welcome salicylates. This feature prevents, differentiating them, the reasons for suffering at the seams.

The Meadowsweet Spirea encourages the elimination of uric acid, chloride and nitrogen waste that converge in our body and is also suitable for the treatment of edema. It also showed anti-inflammatory properties.

To the Meadowsweet are also conferred the biochemical and physiological activities such as diuretic and anti-cellulitic as it facilitates the disposal of waste as nitrogen, ammonia, creatinine and uric acid, revealing therefore appropriate in the activation process for water retention .
On cellulite and edema also plays on the anti-inflammatory activity (salicylates) and vasoprotective of the capillaries (flavonols).

Conduct anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and anti-neuralgic

The enzyme cyclo-oxygenase is limited by salicylic acid derivatives, responsible for the change of arachidonic acid into prostaglandins.
The work of salicylates is always followed, unfortunately, by adverse reactions to the detriment of the stomach, as the inhibition of the synthesis of prostaglandins and prostacyclin may lead to a decrease in gastric mucus protector and increased gastrointestinal secretion, resulting in gastralgia, gastritis and ulcerations.

The selective behavior implemented by Spirea Ulmaria, reduces the synthesis of prostaglandins that cause symptoms on rheumatism treatment methods but unlike anti-inflammatory drug, does not give rise to episodes ulcerogenic, rather it is capable of reducing muscle spasms and possible damage at the load ’apparatus of the stomach.

The protective qualities of flavonoids on blood vessels, extend the anti-inflammatory effect. The analgesic activity of Spirea is not instantaneous, but subsequent anti-inflamma-
tory action, as the pain is controlled primarily by the prosta-
glandins on which has a moderate influence. The Spirea has also shows a value antipyretic and Sweat.

Functionality associated with acute articular rheumatism

The acute articular rheumatism is caused by a hypersensitive response to pathogens responsible for the pharyngitis and bronchitis. The Spirea invalidates many replicas deter-
mined by antibodies and stops the breakdown of histamine originated by the antigens themselves. Help diuresis by promoting the elimination of metabolic waste.