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Against the headache

Against headaches

E > Micra gives you freedom from “Headache” in a completely natural and physiologic. The natural alternative made from plant extracts.

E > Micra helps to prevent migraines or attenuates the intensity, the time course and the cyclical nature of the attacks. E > Micra provides the body with the specific nutrients insufficient in people predisposed to the migraines. It is a valuable dietary supplement for improving the nutritional metabolic instability responsible for the crisis of headache and impede excessive mental fatigue states, using a nutraceutical approach.

The synergistic action of selected plant extracts (Feverfew, White Willow, Rhodiola, Bogbean, Caffe-
ine Anhydrous, Spirea and Devil's claw), minerals and vitamins, gives a complete and valid aid to cope in the best way to even more days strenuous, supporting the body's natural well-being.

Properties of E > Micra

We have summarized the beneficial properties of E> Micra in this short list:

  • Analgesic action
  • Promotes brain microcirculation
  • Reduces the noise associated with the menstrual cycle
  • Implementing an action relaxing in the case of muscle-tension headache reducing pain caused by it
From nature the natural remedy for your head

If you hear the word “migraine”, the majority of people will imme-
diately think of the “headaches” but the latter only reproduces one of many symptoms that distingu-
ish migraine.
The migraine, also called headache is a headache primarily unilateral, throbbing, which occurs at intervals and with intensity limited to intense and which can be exacerbated by the greater usual daily activities.
Other symptoms may include: significant perceptibility of light, to noises or odors and in some cases you also have visual disturbances like glows, dark parts in the vision and asymmetric configurations before eyes. Such drawbacks of the visual field are called “aura” and appear in approximately 20% of individuals who are afflicted by migraines.

Migraine is verifiable more in women than in men. Currently it is estimated that 20% of women, 10% of men and a growing number of children are suffering from migraines that adversely affects the individuals, their existence and their activities.
If you are afflicted personally or know someone who is suffering from migraine almost certainly can be understood the extent to which it can be exhausting and painful.
The suffering caused by migraine is tangible and causes a severe effect on the everyday actions of those who suffer the consequences.

Does not exist a heterogeneity of people suffering from migraine and is for this reason that there are different criteria in proposing therapies. By getting the awareness and knowledge of their migraine may also have the means to controln and cooperate to understand the choices for his therapy.