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Composition of the natural product E > Micra

We mention below some basic properties of the method of care set to medicinal plants.
We must keep in mind that the pharmacological outcome arising from the use of medicinal plants is the sum of the properties of multiple active molecules in force in the drug as, for example, tannins and heterosides.

A different factor decidedly important and peculiar of the method of treatment based on medicinal plants and that the same active principles with anti-inflammatory value often perform simultaneously, is a bactericidal activity or antiseptic such as, for example, essential oils.

Such basic notions assume greater importance when, in certain diseases such as in the persistence of an inflammatory process, when the sizeable mediators and frequent interactions between the structures of the cells involved are not able to be adjusted with a ’single molecule that operates with a typical and exclusive mechanism such as an NSAID or cortisone (by the term “NSAID” it is customary to indicate the category of non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs, drugs that are able to reduce a number of inflammatory processes of the body but do not belong to the category of cortisonics).

The phytotherapic care, unlike the synthetic drug proceeds on the various mechanisms related to inflammation, allocating molecules at the same time efficient on the reason of inflammation, such as bacteria and on the processes of preservation of our body. We can therefore consider in this case a method of care set to plant drugs also curative as well as symptomatic. Below we listed the elements that compose E > Micra: Feverfew, Rhodiola, Buckbean, Caffeine Anhydrous, Willow, Spirea, Devil’s Claw, Fumitory.