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Philosophy and tradition

The Naturdieta products are marketed by Wonderup S.a.g.l., specializes in the sale of herbal products and natural foods. All herbal preparations being developed with the valuable advice of medical consultants and specialists in sports medicine and Food Science.

Our activities in the field of natural products for health, the beauty of body and mind starts working with bees and then evolve, while maintaining the original and true passion for the production of honey, royal jelly and pollen, up to a growing interest in the study and research on plants and foods.

All our products contain only natural ingredients and are high quality certified - including those beekeeping derived - as well as herbs, plants and foods that have been used for centuries in herbal traditions from all over the world, recognized and appreciated by researchers for their medicinal properties.

The ingredients, calibrated and included into our products by sector experts, originate from organic cultivation. The formulations contain no additives, preservatives or artificial colorants and fully comply with both the existing European norms on food and guidelines of the FDA turned to dietary supplements.