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Can Can Gel: frequently asked questions

Can Can Gel is the first product on the market that contains key ingredients responsible for female sexual arousal.

What is Can Can Gel? Can Can Gel is a gel developed especially for women, was created and produced by the female Naturdieta research team. The best results are obtained by using a little of gel and applying it with soft massage movements on the clitoris.

How does it work Can can Gel? Can Can Gel, when applied to the clitoris, it helps to create “feelings of warmth” and “a cooling sensation relaxing”. After using Gel Can Can, women reported having increased stimuli, increased lubrication and got faster and more intense orgasms.

Who can use Can Can Gel? Can Can Gel has been formulated to improve the stimuli and sexual well-being of women of all ages. It was conceived for women who want to try, regain or increase the pleasure and the joy of sex.

Can Can lubricating Gel contains ingredients that directly benefit women who have experienced vaginal dryness during sexual activity.

Each pack of Can can gel 50 ml. contains an amount of useful product for 40-70 performance.

Do not settle to have a mediocre sex in your life. Turn sex into a joyful and passionate experience that creates a new lifestyle of love and joy.

Can Can Gel greatly increases your sensitivity. If you are a woman who is already completely happy with their sex, Can Can Gel can make you know even higher levels of pleasure and will make you feel even better than you think is possible. Women of all ages with premenopausal, perimenopausal or postmenopausal can also appreciate a better sexual response.

Can Can Gel acts on the fabrics and the pleasure centers of a woman’s body. The search results Naturdieta have pinpointed the natural optimal ingredients to sensitize and stimulate the clitoris. These ingredients were combined in exact proportions to improve all sexual activity and aimed at the realization of orgasm.

How to apply Gel Can Can? It applies a small amount of gel on the clitoris and the labia majora 5-10 minutes before intercourse. The stimulating effect of Can Can Cream is felt after a few minutes.

What differentiates it from competing products? Can Can Cream is a gel developed exclusively to make more pleasant sexual activity of women. Until recently, the only products available for women were the lubricating creams intended simply to decrease the pain or discomfort associated with sexual intercourse but not suitable to increase the pleasure.
Can Can Cream has been specially formulated to help and enhance female sexual pleasure.

May it create problems for the partner? Can Can Cream cannot be absorbed from the dermis of the penis, in addition the gel is odorless and non-toxic, even in the case of oral contact.

Can I use Can Can if I am menopause? The formulation of Can Can has been specially designed for women of all ages.