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Against anorgasmia and frigidity

The female researchers of the Wonderup Naturdieta have hit the mark when they decided to study thoroughly the female anorgasmia. After years of research have been able to compose a gel formulation with natural base that helps to solve the problem now increasingly also to the lack of feminine sexual pleasure.
The product on which you have long dreamed and that can satisfy your desire to have real orgasms now is finally a reality. His name is Can Can.

Can Can is the cosmetic product based on natural aphrodisiac for achieving the pleasure of orgasm and the sexual fulfillment.

You want to become the woman who all crave?

The gel cream Can Can is a cosmetic that contains natural active ingredients that help to the achievement of intense orgasms by increasing the possibility physiologically natural.
Increase your chances orgastic also numerically. Reach physical and mental pleasure that one or multiple orgasms you can donate.
Make real what you thought you were not able to reach.

For a real sex more desirable for an even more real and intense, unforgettable for sexual intercourse, Can Can Gel is the aphrodisiac which you can not to do without.

Can Can is a cosmetic gel plant based only natural that encloses a variety of known herbs that promote sexual activity of women in achieving climax.
This cream gel has made euphoric thousands of women around the world, helping the evolution of their sexuality.

Our researchers and our ISO 9000 certified laboratories, were the first to choose the most appropriate natural essences and the most advanced methods of formulation to achieve the most efficient in order to achieve sexual pleasure aware.

The formula with natural base of the Can Can gel cream components is the one that gives the best results, even in comparison with other manufacturers. Can Can is a useful product for those who are wanting to sensations safe and secure in the outcome of the sexual and female pleasure.
Join the many customers who have already tested with great satisfaction the quality of Can can gel and verify yourself the pleasures that will be able to give you the Gel Cream Can Can the “Little Cream of pleasure”.

The natural aphrodisiac for the modern woman

Can Can is the new cream made from natural ingredients that enhances and helps to achieve the female orgasm. It acts as a natural aphrodisiac for women and increases the pleasure. Could be the new aphrodisiac feminine ... to the natural?

Anorgasmia and frigidity, are some of the ailments that the modern woman has to face and to solve with peace of mind.
Modern life, stress and all the problems that until a short time ago seemed to be only prerogatives that revolved around the male universe, are now symptoms that also involve the female universe.

Even sexual relationships undergo environmental changes and psychogenous non-enticing a fulfilling sexual stimulation. Not always the anorgasmy or frigidity are unsolvable problems or should arouse particular concern.
The feminine aphrodisiac gel Can Can is particularly suitable for all women who want to have sex or sexuality more engaging and fulfilling.

Even external stimulation, as in the case of Gel Cream Can Can, may be part of those lessons of love directed towards themselves, their own bodies and partners who take positions owning predominant interests in a healthy relationship.

The gel Can Can is a great help for all those who are in those particular period of premenopausal, per menopausal or postmenopausal but not wanting to give up a healthy female sexuality or wants to find excitement or even increase libido.
The intimate gel lubricant and stimulating Can Can is an aphrodisiac of natural origin specially formulated for the modern woman who naturally helps and more easily to achieve the orgasm.

The modern sexology says that, as for the man, the woman also needs both intellectual fantasies that external stimuli; a valuable aid can come from Can Can Cream, gel stimulant of natural origin specially formulated by Naturdieta for female sexual pleasure, capable, according to most women who have already tried to provoke even multiple orgasms.

Affective life in women

A beautiful affective life is the greatest gift we can receive. It is the ultimate extension of ourselves in the other. Love and healthy sexuality are among the most powerful expressions of human existence. Sexual intimacy with your loved one leads to the consolidation of a positive spiritual energy in our lives, balancing them physically and emotionally. Even the physiological aging gives rise to a decrease of sexuality.

The maturity introduces the experience and relaxation. After menopause, most women feel more spontaneous and more united to the partner. Psychological factors can alter our rate of sexual activity but the woman’s libido always answers.

A good sexual activity depends also on a good health condition. The main difficulties in having a good sexual condition in a woman are physical and are caused, usually, by an unhealthy lifestyle or bad nutrition, by stress or side effects to taking medicines.

Women have a very high sexuality and fundamentally different from men. A man, generally is excited by things that stimulate visually, while a woman puts the spotlight on the mind and emotions.

Increase of pleasure and sexual desire for women

Can Can is the new gel cream Naturdieta that can help women to increase their sexual pleasure. Its effects are a natural increase sensitivity and pleasure.

Can Can is applied to the clitoris and external genital organs 5-10 minutes before sexual intercourse.
The gel is natural, colorless and fragrance-free. Can Can is simple to apply and can be used whenever it feels the need, acts in synergy with your body to increase your natural sexual vitality.

Sexual Chemistry

For women, the whole sexual process starts in the brain, often described as “sexual organ” more important.

The Hypothalamus

It works as a small control unit and sorts sensory perceptions received by sight, by smell and touch. The hypothalamus secretes hormones in response to these stimuli.

The Nervous System

Transmits impulses to the pelvic area making it more sensitive; causes the adrenal glands to secrete epinephrine that increases the heart rate and breathing in order to assume more oxygen, thereby starting the production of sex hormones. The brain releases endorphins in order to get the pleasure. All the senses of women are the protagonists in the game of love and it all happens in an instant.

Sex and the secret of beauty

A good sexual activity as a beauty secret is a hypothesis that is speculation for a long time. Now we can say that sexual activity improves circulation and can help to balance hormone levels, as well as being a great aerobic exercise for the heart.

Sexual problems related to women

Some elements related to our daily life can lead to lack of sexual desire, inability to achieve orgasm and interesting our health in general. Below briefly expose some of the most problematic.


All nervous responses are altered by stress, including those submitted by the endocrine system and the brain. Stress can seriously interfere with the ability to cause complete or achieve sexual satisfaction.

LACK OF ADEGUATE SLEEP Lack of adeguate sleep

We must sleep at least eight hours per night. A certain amount of intake of melatonin (a natural antioxidant), can help you get a better sleep. A natural remedy herbal can also be of help.

Environmental toxins

All we are bombarded daily by a huge number of artificial chemicals. We are infected with additives, preservatives, tinctures, even in the water fluoride and chloride we find not to mention the pesticides. These chemicals, in addition to being an objective danger, cause nutritional deficiencies and especially of minerals and oligo-elements necessary to sexual health.


Deletes power by limiting the oxygen and damages blood vessels. The smoke axle literally the body with hundreds of toxic substances such as nicotine, the carbon monoxide, lead, cadmium and benzopyrene. Furthermore we also lose some crucial nutrients such as vitamins C, E, A and carotenes, all essential for normal sexual activity.


Caffeine urges the adrenal glands that provide the “raw material” to hormones. Recent studies show that decreases the amount of testosterone, it can cause the interruption of menstrual cycle and also increases the muscle tension inhibiting the subsequent relaxation that instead favor a good sexual activity.


Alcohol limits the sexual response and weakens the senses. Like caffeine appear to alter the production of testosterone, a substance needed both men and women. Although a good glass of red wine helps you to relax, containing flavonoids that help the circulation is good not to abuse it.

Main features

Can Can Gel is a cosmetic product that you can use without having to resort to the help of a doctor and can be purchased without a prescription but must be used correctly to ensure its effectiveness. For further information or advice please send an email to In detail:

  • How to use this cosmetic: Can Can is applied to the clitoris and external genital organs
  • When and for how long: 5-10 minutes before sexual intercourse
  • If you forget to do one or more treatments: continue anyway as recommended conditions of use
  • Effects due to discontinuation of treatment: None
  • Shelf life and storage: Do not use the product after the expiry date (Shelf life 1 year after opening the package).