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Capsicum in Can Can Gel

This spice, thanks to its active principles, its flavor, its color and its quality is not much else one of the most suitable plants to stimulate sexual desire in us and put us in a position to satisfy it.
Shiny and bright and aggressive taste, certainly has in itself a charm of a sexual nature, and to this is added the large amount of vitamin “E” that contains vitamin fertility and sexual potency, and its warm color, red , the same color of blood.

Scientific efficacy

According to a British research exists a hormone, the VIP (implicated in the closure of arteriovenous communications, element at the origin of tumescence of erectile tissues: in other words, is perhaps the VIP that determines the erection in man and similar phenomena in woman. When the body increases its production of VIP (vasoactive intestinal polypeptide), the effect is a dilation of peripheral vessels (eg. they turn red in the face); blood circulation and heart rate increase as well as increases respiratory rate.

Pepper and capsicum cause vasodilation in the lumbosacral area which also includes the genitals, all reactions related to sexual arousal but also reactions caused by spicy foods.

The Capsicum (vitamins PP and E) has vasodilatory properties, anti-cholesterol, elasticity of capillaries and antioxidants.
In addition, the Capsicum is a good vasodilator and promotes blood circulation especially in the genitals. So the corpora cavernosa (the two spongy tissues at the sides of the penis), receiving blood they swell, giving rise to erection. The same reaction you get to the female genital organs that getting more blood swell up more easily. All this results in an overall feeling of well-being that is being intensely aphrodisiac.

The active part of the plant is made up from the fruit that contains capsaicin, an oily essence and rubefacient which is responsible for its spicy taste.
From the standpoint of chemical in chili peppers is possible to isolate nitrogenous substances, capsacina, oleoresin, capsanthin, a red carotenoid dye, quercetin, hesperidin, eridietrina, lecithin, vitamins C, PP, E, K2, P, A, minerals and malonic acid citroflavonoids. Without entering into the merit of the marvelous effects of the vitamins and minerals contained in the product just remember the vasodilator action and hemodynamic.

The Capsicum is particularly effective in stimulating the activity of the tissue and give effect to the venous and capillary. They are carrying out studies which highlight the antihistamine effect of the fruit and suggest the use in some allergic diseases and asthma.

Capsicum in Can Can Gel

Benefits of capsicum

The capsicum, as well as stimulating blood circulation urges the vasodilator function. The Capsicum provides the body many vitamins and other substances, among them are to remember capsaicin, capsaicin (which gives chilli pepper its characteristic spicy flavor), capsanthin, different salts and trace elements, essential oil and lecithin, the latter contained in particular in the seeds. Particularly important is the content of vitamin C, which - among its other functions - also has an important role in the defense against infections.

Capsaicin is an active ingredient from which they derive many properties attributed to chilli itself. Capsaicin performs its main function by acting on the peripheral circulation of the blood and peripheral nerve receptors. It stimulates the blood flow and causes redness of the skin and mucous membranes in a way proportional to its concentration.

Obviously, high doses of capsaicin can causing redness and burning. In normal situations - and particularly in the case of inflammations - capsaicin taken in limited doses tends to normalize the blood circulation carrying a beneficial consequence in the case of inflammations. Orally administered capsaicin urges a more important secretion both digestive enzymes that protective mucus of the mucous membrane thus legitimizing some of the positive effects (combats digestive problems and poor appetite) assigned by the wealth of knowledge to the popular use of chili pepper as a seasoning of the dishes. On this line was also placed official medical science with tincture of capsicum, capsicum oil, capsaicin itself and some derivatives products for biochemical pathway.

Real and presumed property of capsicum

Particularly worth of attention is the positive feedback that its use seems to have on cardiovascular diseases. Indeed, the Capsicum, as well as stimulating blood circulation solicitous vasodilator function makes elastic blood capillaries, regulate blood pressure determining a positive series of vascular conditions. In this regard, it was verified that in the regions where its use is broad, are limited pathologies such as arteriosclerosis, excess cholesterol and heart attacks. With regular intake of capsicum seems varicose veins can be reduced and in some cases disappear. Baldness itself seems to be limited between the habitual consumer of Capsicum and the effect is again attributed to the mobility blood that it would result in respect of the capillaries of the hair bulb.