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The new formulation Bio Natural

Wonderup S.a.g.l. with the Naturdieta Natural Products brand always pays attention to its customers. To protect them just how she does, she has created the Bío Natural product line with Breast Up and Mycreram products.

The constant needs listening to customer and the attention to the latest trends made possible to formulate a line of truly innovative products. Always cosmetics of Wonderup - with the Naturdieta line - are safe, tested and to the avant-garde. With the latest formulations, the company has decided to further improve with the Breast Up products line and Mycreram Bio Natural, characterized by a composition without parabens, petrolatuses, silicones and fragrances and comprising natural derivative substances.

This new line is especially studied to be delicate and well-tolerated, while retaining a remarkable cosmetic performance. The Bio Natural line with Breast Up and Mycream Is born to meet all the needs of its Customers that are very attentive to the cosmetic formulation. More specifically, the new line has been conceived for anyone looking for products that respect the skin. In fact, Naturdieta Breast Up and Mycream Bio Natural contain no parabens, silicones, mineral oils, petrolatum and fragrances that can cause allergies to sensitive skin and eyes.

All raw materials of Breast Up and Mycream products are of plant origin and glutamic acid and lactic acid used for the production of sodium lauroyl glutamate and sodium steroyl lactylate are derived from fermentation. The product according to data and literature is non-irritating and does not induce skin sensitization, it is also certified ECOCERT.

Proteln NMF

Our laboratories have decided to use the Proteln NMF in Breast Up and Mycream an innovative pool of emulsifiers suitable to recreate the uniform protective film with the benefit of considerably improving both skin hydration than to improve the penetration of assets (booster effect) and at the same time maintain a light and silky touch.

This emulsifier is predominantly constituted from glutamic acid derivatives and lactic acid replicating NMF action and thanks to its exclusive peculiarity to create microvesicles of water surrounded by an oily film, in which the assets are inserted and to surrender the same for a prolonged time (much greater than that obtained with conventional emulsifiers), Increasing the cosmetic functionality of the product.

Those who are interested in skin care in Europe are greatly concerned about the risks caused by the use of chemical preservatives  for humans, as well as for the environment.

For this reason, in recent years, many preservatives have been banned or their use has been severely restricted. This is the case of formaldehyde and its censors, parabens (ethyl paraben, propylparaben, butylparaben, methylparaben, isobutylparaben), isothiazolinones (methylchloroisothiazolinone).


Aminat®-G (inci name glycerin and ethyl lauroyl arginate HCL) is an innovative natural-based antimicrobial that meets all cosmetic needs.

Additionally, Aminat®-G has the added benefit of being approved by Ecocert, following the current guidelines of an ingredient more environmentally friendly. For these reasons, it was decided to use it in the formula of Breast Up and Mycream.

Etil lauroil arginato HCl (LAE®)

Ethyl lauroyl arginine HCl (LAE®), which is the active ingredient of Aminat®-G,for its cationic nature, shows a very delicate profile in terms of irritation with good emulsifying and smoothing properties for the skin and hair. It is a food cationic surfactant with antimicrobial properties, derived from lauric acid and L-arginine.

This compound inhibits the proliferation of several microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and yeasts by altering permeability of the cells and thus inducing the loss of cell viability of the pathogens.


  • Wonderup S.a.g.l. In the Naturdieta cosmetic line with Mycream and Breast Up uses raw materials from Organic farming or spontaneous harvesting
  • Promotes absence in material compositions unsuitable in an ecological optical both in the product that in the packaging
  • Ensures the absence of non-vegetal essences evaluated dangerous or allergenic, irritant or with evidence of probable harm to human health
  • Favors the reduction of environmental impact caused by unnecessary packaging (single packs) or non-reusable (promotes packaging from renewable materials).

The criteria that address Wonderup S.a.g.l. in the use of raw materials are:

  • Absence of toxicity and undesirable outcomes on humans
  • Low environmental impact
  • Dermo compatibility.

Natural Wonderup S.a.g.l. cosmetics in the Naturdieta line are poorly treated and this reason should already make us understand the value of this choice. Organic cosmetics are natural for 95%. In organic products no ingredient has been treated with fertilizers or chemicals. The preservatives are all of natural origin.

Organic products include 50% more vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients than chemically treated.

Bio cosmetics such as Breast Up and Mycream are a combination of bioactive plant ingredients and substances that can guarantee overall health and well-being. Organic cosmetics help eliminate toxins and residues from our body.

No less important, natural products do not produce allergies as often it happens with synthetic coloring substances and with chemical preservatives that do not exist In no natural cosmetics.