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Vitamin A: ingredient of Breast Up

Vitamin A is important in two areas: the development of the dermis and the proper functioning of the view. A lack of vitamin A is the cause of problems such as dry skin, the existence of wrinkles, keratosis (thickening of the surface of the cornea).It is present In the carrot, in melon, spinach, and certain fish, is readily modified to be able to be directed to the liver, where it is stored in the form of retinol. The blood flow sends the vitamin A directly to the cells. Today the use of vitamin A in beauty treatments consists in precisely maintain the level of vitamin A in the dermis, using capsules of liposomes that release their benefits in a gradual manner, avoiding therefore any danger of irritation. Such small artificial drops favor the release into the skin only of the essential amount of vitamin A. The deferred result ensures a excellent efficacy for the radiance of the skin and increased continuity in the time of the benefits of vitamin A to the attractiveness of the skin and in opposition to wrinkles on the face.

This substance is active on the integrity of epithelial tissue (the layer the cells that line, among other, the epidermis) and not only protects the essential functions such as sweating and from ultraviolet propagations but it is even able to promote the regeneration of cells, retaining the skin smooth and moisturized.

As is known, the epithelial tissue is constantly attacked by micro-organisms, pollution, radiation and dirt. As a result of these persistent attacks, the skin can dry out and shrivel up, especially on elbows, knees and the back of the upper limbs. The action of vitamin A acts specifically on those cases because it helps the regeneration of the outer layers of the skin, purifying it of dead cells and hardened and giving her an image more smooth and bright. Vitamin A helps the cellular activity and optimizes its properties; activates the generation of collagen, which provides more firmness and elasticity to the skin.

Determines a thickening of the layers of the epidermis to which the skin thins superficially but below it originates a kind of protective cushion. Vitamin A clears the intensity of the skin and reduces dark spots determined by age or caused by sunlight; lessens the depth of wrinkles, provides faster cell regeneration and makes best the appearance of the ski.