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Myrrh: ingredient of Breast Up

Myrrh has a pleasant fragrance that reminiscent of lemon and rosemary. Extracted from the bark of small trees which are native of Abyssinia and Eritrea, the oil of Myrrh has astringent and toning properties.
Myrrh is rich in commiferoline that stimulates lipogenesis and the production of fatty acids in epithelial level, restoring fullness to the volume emptied from the age. Among the many propreties of myrrh there are healing power and antifungal. It is a resin obtained from the external secretion of Commiphora molmol and used since ancient times.

The Myrrh contains in itself, in addition to gums and mucilages, terpene content of origin defined as the dipentene, limonene, delta-epinene, eugenol, the cadinene, the m-creosolo and cinnamaldehyde, all of which are active ingredients with significant antibacterial qualities, medications, deodorants and anti-inflammatory that motivate the use of myrrh in mouthwash for mouth and throat reddened, weak gums, bleeding and ulcerated. With the addition of Myrrh, Breast Up nourishes dry skin and protects it against atmospheric agents.

The Mirra protects and cares the lesions from infection and accelerates the healing. The disinfectant action of this substance helps the skin to fight fungal spores. The purifying properties, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory of the Myrrh make it an essence to always use, especially in the dermatosis of long standing.

As regards the external use, the Myrrh is an antiseptic agent and is still used in pharmaceutical disinfectants. For its antibacterial qualities, it is addressed to an action on microbes and the stimulation of the immune system. Once Myrrh extract was sprinkled on ulcers and lesions to speed the healing and is still used for its natural antiseptic and balsamic properties. Myrrh has an astringent and disinfectant action, useful for acne, pimples and problems of mild inflammation of the skin.

Myrrh is effective against viral infections and fungal infections such as annoying fungus that is hidden between the toes and that it is called athlete’s foot. Has remarkable preservative characteristics and have the resources useful in stop the necrosis necrosis. It is refreshing, curing ulcers, sores, wounds, epidermal dryness. Help the cure of eczema with exudation, athlete’s foot and dermatitis. Helps to rejuvenate mature skin and reduce wrinkles.

Some studies document that when the Mirra comes into contact with the skin, promotes the increase of white blood cells useful in eliminating the infections. Other research has shown that the Mirra also possesses anti-inflammatory, febrifugal characteristics, stimulating the immune system, analgesic and be able to lower the content of sugars in the blood.
Myrrh is rich in commiferolina that stimulates lipogenesis in epithelial level and the production of fatty acids, restoring consistency to the volumes parched by age. It is also a pleasant aromatic essence that nourishes parched skin, sooths the sense of tension and helps to improve the flexuosity and gives back the shine.