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  • Jojoba Oil: ingredient of Bresst Up


    Currently Jojoba oil has numerous areas of application that range from pharmaceutical formulations in the field of industry to that of plastics and rubbers. In the cosmetic sector is a real beauty product because favors the hydration of the skin. Its use is recommended in all cases of premature aging of the skin and in circumstances of dry skin, more exposed to the formation of roughness due to its thinness.


    The Jojoba Oil (Simmondsia chinensis) has been used for many years by the Indians as a therapy in skin care. It is called “oil” but really it is a liquid wax. While all the other seed oils contain in their particle also glycerin (triglycerides), Jojoba oil does not include glycerin and his is a linear molecule not ramified and this can clarify the predisposition to ’absorption by the dermis and its remarkable ability to filter through small holes of the epithelium and the interstices of the skin. The virtues of this oil are valuable for the high purity, for the lack of odor, for the stability under high temperatures and for the remarkable resistance to rancidity, as well as for the presence of natural antioxidants said tocopherols.

    Benefits for the skin

    It Implements a conservative action because prevents the aging of epithelial cells.

    Proprietà della cera di jojoba

    Presenting itself as a non-fatty oil, does not clogs the pores thus allowing the orderly functioning and optimizing the homeostatic activity (ideal balance condition) of the sweat glands and sebaceous glands.
    Jojoba has a remarkable capacity penetrating acquired from the chemical structure of the linear molecule that composes it, with the possibility to accommodate the reactivation of the natural Ph, address the hypertrophic process of elastic fibers and collagen and restore skin to its natural characteristics such as elasticity, softness and color.
    A search of the Institute for Pharmaceutical Research applied, highlights the reduction of wrinkles by 26, 18 and 11% in relation to the application of jojoba oil after 1.4 and 8 hours.
    The same clinical rate confirms a remarkable power softening, emollient, control the fluid loss during sweating reducing the disruption and loss of epithelial cell death.
    It is sebum-similar and therefore breaks the old sebum allowing to hold free and degreased the hair bulb and therefore finding application in trichological care. The safety of virgin wax of jojoba has been verified in terms of harmfulness acute dermal and epidermal compatibility by several researchers.

    Cosmetic use of jojoba wax

    There are many possibilities of use of this product enough to say that it has beneficial effects on any adverse effects of any reason that relates to the skin and hair. The following describes some of the most common uses:

  • Wrinkle: thanks to the remarkable penetrating quality, making regular use, can be achieve relaxation of wrinkles on the face and neck and their subsequent reduction
  • Dry, cracked skin: the emollient and moisturizing Jojoba oil allows the reduction of the breakdown of the skin, especially during the cold months. In the summer months should be used prior to and after exposure to the sun. Excellent before makeup application
  • Oily skin or with acne: cleanses the pores and helps the regulation of sebaceous gland activity
  • Stretch Marks: should be used thoroughly and methodically before and after maternity and certainly in terms of epithelial tension to keep the skin soft and flexible and prevent stretch marks.