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Beeswax: ingredient of Breast Up

The beeswax is composed of a mixture of fatty substances (palmitate miricile (33%), cerotato of miricile (12%), palmitoleato of miricile (12%), palmitate cerile (6%) and others. Includes, in addition to these, free acids, hydrocarbons and other useful parts. It is a compound chemically inert and very stable because it resists to the action of acids, to digestion, to fermentation and oxidation.

In cosmetics, beeswax not only acts as a structural agent in emulsions but is first of all an excellent active against dehydration and epithelial abrasion. This is just an excellent protector because enacts a barrier effect against microorganisms and environmental chemical agents. The beeswax is used in Wonderup Cream for its softening, emollient, film-forming and skin-nourishing properties.
Beeswax retains water in the dermis keeps the skin soft and moisturized, soothes and calms the redness preventing cracking.