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Almond Oil: ingredient of Breast Up

It is used in cosmetics for its delicacy and its remarkable quality. From the fruit of the almond tree is obtained by a special cold pressing, a clear oil, clear and odorless which is an excellent emollient for dry and sensitive skin. The sweet almond oil is very eudermic, non-comedogenic (blacks points) and easy absorbability, rich in vitamin E, B and minerals.
It can be used as a massage oil, scented with essential oils and applied as a base for cosmetics and massage creams.

The sweet almond oil is softening, stimulating, invigorating and balsamic; this natural cosmetic product is suitable for any variety of dermis and prevents the aging. It is also used to nourish and protect dry skin and redness, contributing to keep them silky and elastic to combat blemishes. Its delicacy and high tolerability indicate it particularly suitable for massaging the skin more sensitive as those of pregnant women and newborn infants.

Its emollient characteristics indicate it as a remedy for the itching caused by measles, chickenpox and eczema; promotes recovery from dermatoses. In the form of cleansing milk and tonic, is used to clean the face, removes impurities that accumulate on the skin, does not change the moisture balance as it is very moisturizing. After a bath or shower is an excellent softener for the whole body .

The sweet almond oil is extracted from the fruit of the almond tree with cold pressing and is one of the oils that contains in itself the most substantial percentage of unsaturated fatty acids and polyunsaturated fats with specific eudermic quality. Of easy absorption, durable to weather, almond oil is rich in vitamins E, B, proteins, carbohydrates and minerals and it is therefore particularly indicated for slow skin, facilitating regeneration.

The sweet almond oil is applied as an aid in the prevention of stretch marks, particularly during pregnancy or for people that is implementing a weight loss program. In these circumstances, the oil must be used daily on critical parts such as the breasts, hips, thighs and belly. should be spread with a manipulation constituted by small circular movements since, by acting in this way, permits to the oils to enter deeply and to moisturize the skin substantially avoiding the appearance of stretch marks and lacerations.
Thanks to its emollient action, almond oil can also be used in case of skin irritations caused by measles, chickenpox or eczema. It is also an excellent ally in healing dermatosis.