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It is a supplement that activates an intense specific action on serotonergic complex, controlling nervous hunger and body weight. The active ingredients contained in it selectively stimulate the 5-HT2C receptors and 5-HT1A receptor. The action on the serotonergic system in this manner is much more effective and selective.

Our country is plagued by a real epidemic of overweight and obesity: 67 men and 50 women out of 100 have a problem of excess weight. This news was disclosed recently by the Italian Association of Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition.
The problem of weight gain is increasing, even among children. In some countries it is even marked increase in the use of anti-obesity drugs by minors: a survey carried out in England reported that from 1999 to now, the number of children and young people who use drugs for weight loss is magnified by 15 times.

There is probably something wrong with it. We may have lost the correct relation with food, the attention to the physiological rhythms, the ability to understand our actual nutritional needs, natural experience to identify and avoid the artifacts foods and without valid active principles.
Maybe we should get back in touch with the part most of us true and balanced, natural impulse that knows perfectly what we need to stay healthy and what is not, rather than give in to the temptations in front of the food sales strategies.

The guidance that naturopathy proposes to recognize the right weight naturally and lost balance provides a sequence of actions necessary to the health and well-being:

  • Healthy nutrition
  • Verification of food intolerances
  • Adjust efficiency of the excretory organs (liver, intestine, kidney, etc.)
  • Psycho-emotional stability and management of the states of mind
  • Contained but recurrent physical activity
  • Integrative use of plants and other natural therapies.

Usually diets act as long as you do and the diet drugs are not immune to the side effects also relevant. A natural plan that involves a real change in style way of life or customs, as described above, is instead something very different, because it can take action on imbalance to the real genesis of the weight problem and rectify them really.



The reward will be not only an enviable line and enduring but overall health as wide as possible.
In most situations, the disproportionate hunger is caused by a 'power supply incorrect or because they are too rich in particular foods such as sugar, sweets, refined flours or erroneous associations of different kinds of foods and also a non-physiological distribution of meals during the day with inadequate fiber intake.


The stress is also linked to the variability of our devices internal regulators that affecting our feeling of hunger, of satisfaction or discouragement.
It’s happened to all and more than once, returning home after a difficult day or tense for some reason that has nothing to do with the food, we are driven to ingest foods with an incredible insatiability.

Now we understood the origins of such a way of acting related to emotional plot between food, necessity emotional and psy



Each of us approaching, on the mental level a good cup of coffee at the push exciting that the substance can give us thanks to the alkaloid contained in it, but not always, without exception, the connection between the active ingredient in a food and the biological behavior of the same and not even so immediate.

Who among us, due to influence or cold symptomsis not naturally recourse to the old grandmother’s prescription which consisted of warm milk with honey and cognac? Probably we do not know the reason until at the bottom of of the biochemical process of these substances but the milk reassures us with its contents in tryptophan, brandy there expands blood vessels making the blood flow more quickly, the honey gives us the strength that we failed, sweetened with a little comforting serotonin and fluidity of the whole facilitates a more rapid purification.

In the same condition, a dish of wurstel with potatoes would make us shudder. We therefore have a structure for assessing and monitoring automatic and inborn that allows us to eat always and only what you wish to voluntarily?
Unfortunately, as we have already noted, in several circumstances in which our moods are doped is not always this way because there are many situations in which the exact opposite occurs. Nevertheless, the instinctive demand of serotonin is one of the most common products of our minds and it is useful to consider it.

Serotonin is synthesized in the intestine to 90% in relation to the absorption of an amino acid called tryptophan its forerunner. Only a 3% of serotonin generated acts in the brain with the neurotransmitter function.
The effects of serotonin in the brain are relevant as it has the ability to induce the feeling of satiety, facilitate sleep, mood-stabilizing acting as a natural antidepressant.

Being an amino acid, tryptophan is contained in all the protein foods but the possibility that is able to overcome the blood brain barrier (it is similar to a filter that has basically an activity of safeguarding the brain tissue from harmful substances (for example, chemical) present in blood, while still allowing the transit of useful parts to metabolic activity) is related to the fact that it is taken with little or none doses of other proteins, as it has access to the brain via a common receptor and is not able to reach beyond if the specific receptor is already being used.

Eating carbohydrates with low protein as it might be a good plate of pasta, which contains gluten proteins or a bowl of milk with small amounts of casein, tryptophan is able to overcome the barrier and is able to achieve the required results being converted into serotonin.

We must not therefore be surprised if a plate of pasta we changes the mood appease more of a salad with assimilation because is triggered a specific biochemical activity which needs to take into account. Let us not forget that, due to the existing cohesion between mind and body, it is conceivable that the relaxation achieved by the intake of bread, focaccia, pasta ... remain steadfast in our mnemonic function in a deeper way, so as to stimulate research yet to back this serotoninic relief.

PRODUCT » 1 | 2 | 3chological rewards that we have learned to understand from the first days of life.
So we make coincide gratification received one or more times in the past from the food to our current difficulties and our neurotransmitters, by now mesmerized react to the proposal with a comfort food that other things are rarely able to donate in equal measure.

What is not appropriate is that the vent to the frustrations happens almost always in the evening, thus obtaining a double consequence inappropriate; one connected to the recruitment of several additional calories and that inherent capabilities that are inconveniently hormone activated in the evening, leading more easily to store fat rather than burn them.
If these moments are fortuitous is not the case of worrying about but if are being replicated beyond measure, it can be appreciable investigate the causes in order to thwart this kind of outburst. Trying to repress the problem could get no effect, but it could be relevant discover the vents less deleterious by implementing alternative techniques.

React with the food without exception to any form of pressure unnerving is a highly improper replication scheme against which we muster all our mental qualities, not only with the 'intention not to gain weight but also with the purpose to rediscover the our interior stability.