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Faq: against insomnia


In this section we list those which have hitherto been the questions (with answers) received more frequent about the product Humor - Against Anxiety and Depression. If you wish to make new ones, please write to the address Thanks for your cooperation.

What is Humor? Humor is a natural product formulated in tablet and calibrated by researchers Wonderup-Naturdieta with the aim to fight and solve problems related to insomnia.

Who benefits? It is useful to all those who suffer from insomnia and want to improve the quality of their sleep. If you want a viable and safe solution to solve problems relevant to the duration and quality of sleep, this innovative product is an excellent remedy.

Why do you have to sleep? The brain is never at the top if lack of sleep is chronic.
The sleepless nights restrict intellectual performance even if you try the recovery the weekend.
Sleeping less than necessary, night after night can accumulate to a dangerous chronic sleep debt that is even more dangerous than a night spent entirely in white because it is difficult, if not impossible, to recover. it is for this reason that the functions of our brain may never be at the top.

What can be done to promote sleep the serotonin supplement Humor? Humor address the root causes that promote insomnia and develops its action through a union of balanced natural substances. Humor can be taken with great effect in the treatment of sleep disorders transient, incidental or persistent. The synergy of active ingredients promotes sleep, soothes and facilitates an 'evolution of sleep uninterrupted by facilitating and encouraging the physiological conditions.

How come other treatments may seem unnecessary? If you are not able to get to sleep, the pills are not everything. In the treatment of insomnia will follow two important pathways: the pharmacological intervention and psychological support. The first acts on the symptoms and can cause undesirable side effects and biological and mental correlation.
The psychological support instead, in contexts less problematic, helps the subject to restore the stability condition lost presumably due to an exhaustion. Exhaustion is a situation in which it produces an imbalance between emotional impulses and the opportunity to counter them adequately.

From the officinal point of view, the method of non-pharmacological treatment considering various opportunities, including the use of supplements such as Humor.
A supplement of considerable interest to the methods of regulation of sleep is the amino acid tryptophan, which is evaluated as the amino acid essential in order for the brain to produce serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter that regulates sleep and mood.
Most homeopathic treatments for insomnia and depression perfect formation and resorption of serotonin. Tryptophan is, by nature, in certain nutrients such Humor and is also used as an antidepressant in anxiety states.

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Faq: against insomnia

How Does Humor? Humor acts on the central nervous system with a moderate effect tranquilizer-sedative but does not produce narcotic effects. It is particularly suitable in sleep disorders who join with erethism rate, associated to agitation or involuntary muscle spasms. It is appropriate in disorders such as dystonia neurovegetative anxiety, instability, ringing in the ears.

Humor generates neurotonic activity on the system of GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid), a neurotransmitter that regulates neuronal activity with results on the central nervous system, thanks to which are favored states of calm and relaxation, consequently facilitating sleep.
The main action of the product is at the level of the central nervous system, where it plays sleep-inducing activity without causing confusion upon awakening, since such an outcome does not exceed 6 hours.

Is it safe? The formulation of Humor has been studied with the utmost care and attention. The herbs used in its composition have been selected for their validity and safety demonstrated. They are in fact the herbs that are used for a long time and analyzed worldwide. Naturdieta applies precise and stringent checks and protocols for the Protection of the production models. All Naturdieta products including Humor are registered with the Ministry of Health.

The components are safe? Definitely yes. The formula is made with the highest quality ingredients certified. The exclusive Swiss product formulations of Naturdieta line can only be found in our products that are regularly be notified at responsible Authority.
The herbs and nutrients contained in Humor have been used extensively and effectively for centuries for their healing powers. Humor does not contain synthetic additives, artificial colorings or preservatives. It does not contain products of animal origin and contains no GMOs but only natural herbs and selected from organic farming. Have not been used genetically modified plants or transgenic foods.

How many tablets are there in a bottle Single? In each bottle Single contains 60 tablets for a net weight of 48 grams. Taking three tablets per day (recommended intake), temporal duration of the product is equal to twenty days.

Faq: against insomnia

What is the posology? You should take one tablet during the day and one or two tablets at bedtime with half a glass of water, continue for an uninterrupted cycle (minimum of two bottles) to get the best results. The assumption of Humor also prolonged non-addictive and can end at any time you wish.

What are the response times of Humor? Humor is absorbed in 15-20 minutes. The plasma half-life is about 5 hours, with renal elimination, smooth and free of metabolites unchanged.

And if you forget to take a dose? If for any reason you forget to take a dose, you may still retrieve them it as soon as you remember. More regularly you will be able to follow the prescribed dose, sooner he will attain the benefits.

What is the time of expiration that has Humor? The expiry date is stated on the label and is equal to 3 (three) years from the date of manufacture.

Why for every natural component of Humor was chosen the dry extract? And what are the advantages of titration and standardization of the dry extract of Humor? For the reproducibility of the outcome of treatment. In addition, thanks to the accuracy of the quantitative trace and substantial vegetal worked, the dry extract allows to minimize the collateral consequences of overdosage.

For the formulas of its supplements Naturdieta - Wonderup Sagl choose the best dry extracts of medicinal plants and does not add other substances can not be assimilated by the body.
Naturdieta only uses these extracts because as stated in the international bibliography, dried extracts are:

  • Best suited to the objectives of care when compared to the pulverized plant
  • Safer since the chemical compound is standardized
  • More stable and therefore less danger and harmfulness biological deterioration
  • More harmless to the stomach, given their complete hydrosolubility
  • More systematic in the use because their active ingredients are known and titratable
  • Faster response due to the high concentration reposed in active substance
  • More conveyable for the stable concentration of the carrier particles.