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Wonderup Cream:

Wheat Germ Oil: ingredient of Wonderup Cream

Wheat Germ Oil: ingredient of Wonderup CreamWheat Germ Oil is a natural ingredient that is used in cosmetolo-
gy for its quality eudermic – restoring especially due to high content of tocopherols, fatty acids polyunsatura-
ted (with a preponderance of linoleic acid 50%, 25% oleic and phospholi-
pids). It is characterized by a consi-
derable bearing on the sebum epidermal and being able to reach through the stratum corneum and the epidermis until the derma, optimizes the capillary circulation, extending the use of oxygen and nutrients from cells and facilitating the biological synthesis of mediators not pro-inflammatory. For these peculiarities, the oil of wheat germ has become a component of great interest for the formulation of creams and milks with nourishing and protective activities, valid on dry and sensitive skins with a predisposition to couperose; it is also particularly suitable for the formulation of cosmetics for the treatment of wear and aging skin.

Main components

Wheat Germ Oil: ingredient of Wonderup CreamThe wheat seed is particularly rich in protein (12.1 to 13%); also contains carbohydrates (72.5 to 75.6%) and fat (2.1 to 2.6%), including phospholipi-
ds and glycolipids. Wheat germ is the small leaf bud contained in the grain of wheat dry, as it shows in the phase prior to germination. Despite its small size (measu-
ring just 1/2 mm.), Wheat germ has excellent nutrients because encloses proteins of high biological value (26%), lipids (10%) - including fatty acids polyunsaturated, the phytosterols and lecithin, starch (16-24%), vitamins (especi-
ally vitamin E and B vitamins) and minerals (especially iron and zinc). The wheat germ oil, distilled from wheat germ by cold pressing, represents a concentration of the lipid fraction of the germ. It therefore has a fair quantity of fatty acids, with a preponderance of linoleic acid (50%), oleic (25%), linoleic (6%), palmitic and stearic acids, and in addition, an unsaponifiable fraction (1.5 to 4 %), rich in phytosterols and tocopherols. Against other seed oils, wheat germ oil has a higher amount in tocopherols, especially d-alpha-tocopherol (vitamin E activity with the highest value).

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