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Wonderup Cream:

Uns. Olive Oil: ingredient of Wonderup Cream

Unsaponifiable Olive Oil: ingredient of Wonderup CreamThe unsaponifiable fraction of olive oil is a natural base for cosmetic creams made from pure olive Mediterranean oil, a wonderful ingredient for cosmetics of the highest quality thanks to its emollient and skin restorative, as well as for its emulsifying and stabilizing on other valuable ingredients of this formula. In addition, contributes also to estrogenic effect of phytoestrogens in the extracts of plants, since it is also rich in phytosterols, which have a further specific action on the skin, improve the tone, the content of collagen and hydration, reinforcing and nourishing in depth. All the benefits of a natural concentrate from olive oil facilitate the absorption of the active ingredients.


Formed from micro components that do not form soaps in the conditions mentioned, even if it is present in small quantities (1-2% approximately) this fraction is very important from a nutritional point of view and analytical, to check the genuineness of the oil and its preservability.

Unsaponifiable fraction

The principal components are: hydrocarbons (30-40%) including squalene, waxes present in small quantities, sterols present in large quantities, in small quantities alcohols, aliphatic alcohols and in larger amounts triterpene alcohols, colored pigments, such as carotenoids and chlorophyll, liposoluble vitamins, provitamin A, vitamin C, D, E and F, Polyphenols in the form of glucosides and esters. Other more or less volatile compounds: alcohols, aldehydes, esters, ketones, aliphatic and aromatic.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The beneficial effects of olive oil are numerous. They help in the prevention of cardiovascular disease, lower blood pressure and to keep young because it can reduce the level of “bad” cholesterol (LDL) in the blood and raise the “good” (HDL).

In addition, the extra virgin olive oil can be considered as a full elixir of beauty, need only think of how many cosmetics that have as their principal ingredient olive oil.

For young and elastic skin

The secret of this oil is the so called “unsaponifiable” fraction, rich in substances such as vitamin E, which protects the skin from aging, prevents the formation of stretch marks, controls the production of melanin and prevents the creation of the senile spots.

It also contains carotenoids, which after absorption are converted into retinol, a true enemy of free radicals.
Olive oil also contains the squalene, a hydrocarbon also present in the secretions of the sebaceous human beings. This allows it to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and to reform the thread hydrolipidic weakened by sunlight and detergent.

Olive oil is also perfect for massage because it lubricates and softens the skin. Thanks to vitamin E, makes the skin more tonic and gives them greater elasticity.

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