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Wonderup Cream:

Soy: ingredient of Wonderup Cream

Soy Extracts in Cosmetics Antiwrinkle

Soy: ingredient of Wonderup CreamSoybeans are known to contain substances with important biological activities.
The major components are pho-
spholipids (45-60%) and essential fatty acids (30-35%), while minors that are more active are isoflavones and protease inhibitor STI and BBI.

The most abundant isoflavones in soy are genistein and daidzetine that, according to published studies, are able to penetrate the stratum corneum and to attain the vital layers of the epidermis thanks to liopofila nature of the stratum corneum. In general, the non-ionized forms of soy isoflavones are able to be absorbed better from the skin compared to the ionized forms.

Treatment with soy isoflavones act in the fight against oxidative processes due to aging with four mechanisms: increase cellular glutathione (GHS) and the activity of glutathione S-transferase (GTS), prevent the depletion of antioxidant enzymes and degradation DNA, and decrease the formation of H2O2.

Thus have a wide range of antioxidant effects which, however, does not take place in the first person, but appear to be due to stimulation of cell signaling pathways that increase the ability of antioxidants own skin. In this way they are able to inhibit oxidative damage and prevent the biological alterations associated with aging. The primary metabolites genistein and daidzetine are also known as phytoestrogens, or compounds present in plants that have a weak estrogenic effect. In soy are present glycosides and only when they are converted in their free form producing this effect.

Phytoestrogens, such as estrogen, working in tandem with the estrogen receptors (ERs) and fail to give similar biological effects, or retard the thinning of skin and the loss of collagen caused by aging. Soy isoflavones have also a possible effect on the stimulation of collagen synthesis.

Soy: ingredient of Wonderup CreamGenistein is able to increase the expression of collagen ge-
ne (COL1A2) in human fibrobla-
sts. Finally, can increase levels of GAG dermal, in particular hyaluronic acid (HA) in aged skin, that is important for tissue repair, maintenance of skin hydration and elasticity.

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