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Karitè - Pag. 3

Wonderup Cream:

Karitè: ingredient of Wonderup Cream

Shea Butter: when it is particularly recommended

The Shea Butter is rich in curative substances and vitamins (A, B, E and F), in unsaturated fatty acids (oleic and linoleic acid) and saturated (palmitic and stearic) and the unsaponi-
fiable fraction (3.5-17 %). Thanks to these properties, during the years has gained a great consideration and many fields of use both locally and internationally. Among them we can indicate the most important:

  • It is one of the major sources of fat of vegetable origin used locally as table oil and for the preparation of meals
  • Is used as a medicament, alone or in combination with other vegetable substances
  • The Africans call it “Tree of youth”, and use it as a balm for massage against the rheumatism, pains, burns, the sunburns, ulceration and irritation of the skin. According to tradition, seems that favors the increase of local circulation thus allowing a re-oxygenation of skin tissue and optimizing the elimination of metabolic wastes
  • Inspired after being thrown on the embers, Shea Butter is effective against colds and coughs. From it is obtained an unguent beneficial against diseases such as scabies, hemorrhoids and various dermatoses
  • May be useful as a decongestant and against broncho-
    pneumonia and increases the tonicity of the skin, in particular the maintenance of its natural elasticity and freshness (thanks to the very high content of unsaponifia-
    bles substances essential and indispensable from 12% to 18%)
  • It is a natural anti-wrinkle and anti-aging for the face and the décolleté; makes it less intense dermal aging and sweetens wrinkles that already exist and covering them completely in most cases and is able to restore the mature skin with elasticity and firmness
  • Has a good filtration of sunlight and for this reason it becomes an excellent protective and preventive of epidermal damage caused from light exposure, such as the formation of free radicals and premature appearance of wrinkles as well as the damage caused by excessive exposure to the sun often cause of reddening sun. It appears with a buttery texture but melts at body temperature and can consequently be spread easily and pleasantly on the skin. Its use is recommended during pregnancy because it prevents the formation of stretch marks on the abdomen and breasts. During lactation prevents the formation of rhagades and also protects the child skin from the redness caused by contact with the diaper
  • Softens callosities of the both, hands and feet of those who practice sports preventing the formation of unaesthe-
    tic and painful ulcerations. It is also an excellent remedy for irritation of the razor and shave softener as a compress that as efficacious soothing and moisturizing aftershave
  • Regenerates and softens the skin weakened after a cast and after a long stillness and coverage, helping to elimi-
    nate dead surface cells that have been accumulating. In people who are in bed for a long time, if applied several times a day with delicate massage, softens and tones the skin of the areas on which weighs the body, avoiding the formation of irritation, redness and sores. Used constantly counteracts dryness skin of the elbow and knee. It’s great to preserve and protect the skin from aggressive frost during the winter season. After prolonged use of Karite Butter there was a better circulation of blood in the capillaries, which are more toned back to the skin brighter, so it is suitable for combat “couperose”. Also used as a hair conditioner, making it softer and brighter.
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