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Karitè - Pag. 2

Wonderup Cream:

Karitè: ingredient of Wonderup Cream

Shea Butter: when is especially recommended

Shea Butter is particularly suitable in different situations. In fact it is used to protect the skin for people who practice sports, especially for sports such as cycling, swimming, running, ie all activities where the skin is particularly committed to atmospheric agents and processes of dehydration. The Karitè is especially recommended for the absorption of ecchymoses and as protection against the cold, for aching articulations and rheumatism.

It can be used as a sunscreen (with protection equal to 5) with the big advantage of not having the need to make use of rehydration products. Thanks to the protective coating that is modeled on the skin, is contrasted the dehydration. It is also applied as an after sun, allowing a longer life to tan.

Thanks to vitamin F contained naturally in Butter of Karitè, it is recommended for massages against the cellulitis and stretch marks.
Especially recommended for dry lips, chapped, subject to herpes. Shea Butter is able to rehydrate all tissues. Many protective products contain small amounts of Butter of Karitè which often appear to be the only component really suitable for such use.

Recommended as an ideal product for smoothing with beards hard and difficult, can be used with a brush to produce an emollient foam applicable on the skin. The properties of Karitè Butter allow an efficacious shave, without irritation and lesions, will prevent the development of disagreeable manifestation of pili torti. Excellent results are obtained for the smoothing head total.

Used regularly, acts as a strong anti wrinkles, preventing also many other signs of oxidation of the skin and slowing the inevitable progressive atrophy of the dermis.
Shea Butter gives a helping hand to revitalize dry hair and enervated. Its properties are high in UVA and UVB filters, protect the hair from solar radiation and avoids the phenomenon of desiccation, of weakening and fading of dyes. The constant use before bathing in the sea or pool, protects the hair from salt. It takes a few applications to restore their strength and protect them from the chlorine.

In recent dermatology, at the Butter of Karitè are recognized qualities healing, softening, stretch marks, anti-wrinkle, firming, moisturizing, antioxidant, soothing, restorative and protective but exclusive peculiarity of shea butter, the secret that makes it truly unique is its high content of unsaponifiables (from 12% to 18%), substances that are essential and necessary for the protection of the natural elasticity of the skin. Its use is recommended for pregnant women, because it prevents the composition of stretch marks on the abdomen and breasts, for delicate and sensitive skin of the baby, against the reddening due to the approach with the diaper.

The Karitè is a 100% vegetable fat obtained by cold pressing of an African tree seeds, Butyrospermum parkii. Once extracted, shea butter has the appearance of a solid mass white-ivory; has good organoleptic properties, a low acid value and a high content of vitamin E. It is important to remember that the primary component of shea butter is represented by fatty acids (about 45-48%), followed by phytosterols, substances pro vitaminic, triterpene glycol, allantoin, resin esters and so-called unsaponifiables (such as karisterol and parkeol), this mix of components confers natural stability to the final product and ensure its preservation in time (no more than thirty-six months) without the use of synthetic substances.

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