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Wonderup Cream:

Karitè: ingredient of Wonderup Cream

Karitè:  ingredient of Wonderup CreamThe Karitè is a tall trees tree whose botanical name is Buty-
rospermum parkii, in honor of Mungo Park, who first became known in Europe the advanta-
ges of Shea Butter. It was included in the formulation of Wonderup Cream because it contains:

  • Vitamin A (1400 U/9): a nutritional deficiency of the same can determine pathological conditions in the epithelial layer and hyperkeratosis in particular dermal clinically recognizable with forms desquamative and squamous metaplasia of some mucous membranes such as the mouth and on the genitals. Develops an important role in the regularization of the skin cell renewal in the activity of the dermal collagen fibers as immunomodulatory preventive skin aging.
  • Vitamin E: more appropriately defined as a physiological antioxidant, prevents and reduces the formation of free radicals, does not act at the level ectodermic but only where the sub epidermal capillary circulation is modified and where the connective tissue is amended as follows: if the skin is inelastic and mature, if the sebaceous activity is reduced, vitamin E must not be scarce.
  • Vitamin F: fatty acids of vitamin F make faster wound healing and in normal conditions initiate the turnover of fats epithelial cells improving the maintenance of the organism and the defense of the skin. Unsaponifiable, promotes the composition of young collagen of the dermis, has healing, anti-SSc, protective of sunlight, eudermic, soothing, calming, filming and prophylactic, preventive decongestants and anti-cellulites and stretch marks.
  • Phytosterols: stimulate the biological units to provide collagen and elastin. Inside of our dermis there are specific cells that have the task of synthesizing collagen which is the protein responsible for the freshness and flexuosity of our skin: the first molecule that is composed of fibroblast is a fibrous protein that is called tropocolla-
    gen (native soluble collagen). The tropocollagen, once yielded by the cellular space, tends to agglomerate and to compose a large fiber, the collagen. Fibroblasts also produce elastin that is responsible for the elasticity of the skin, as well as hyaluronic acid that gives firmness to the same.
The properties of karitè

The karitè owns multiple properties. Indeed it is nourishing, emollient, eudermic, moisturizing. It constitutes an impalpa-
ble protective membrane on the skin that allows it to breathe without, however, disperse excess humidity and brings eudermic specific substances.

Adjuvant and protective after specific treatments for psoria-
sis, cures, ichthyosiform dermatitis, ulcers, fissures of the hands and foot, foot hyperkeratosis, hyperkeratosis of the elbows, arms, knees and soothing in case of hemorrhoids.

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