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Wonderup Cream:

As acting the natural product Wonderup Cream

Among the most innovative components of the Wonderup cream should be undoubtedly indicated the isoflavones, natural phytoestrogens that can block the enzyme responsible for laceration of the structures that bind to elastin and collagen, thus allowing the skin to remain elastic, young and healthy and preventing relaxation. The phytoestrogens, substances extracted from soy proteins that have a similar structure to estrogen and also miming the physiological actions, have the primary function of antioxidants, since they protect from ultraviolet radiation and other sources of free radicals, reduce hyper pigmentation, reduce free radicals that accelerate the aging process, stimulate fibroblasts to produce collagen and hyaluronic acid that prevent and delay skin aging.

SoySoybeans, whose active ingredient is contained in Wonderup cream, thanks to the B-complex vitamins, nourishes the skin and assists in preventing the epithelial aging at obtaining the maximum performance thanks to the antioxidant vitamin E, which also improves microcirculation and skin hydration. A further positive result is related to the presence of vitamin A which, facilitating the synthesis of collagen, gives more compactness to the skin. Vitamin C also acts as a filter to prevent damage from UV exposure.

The cosmeceutical breast-body cream Wonderup was dermatologically tested. Rigorous dermatological tests were performed at the University of Pavia, that guarantee the safe use.

Wonderup Cream: No animal testing was doneNo animal testing was done, but was used an alternative tests (patch test). Wonderup-Naturdieta is launched to new heights: the propaedeutic cosmetics. What is the diversity that found in respect of those commonly used?
The main difference is the ability to overcome the barrier of the skin and reach up to the dermis, favoring the reactions such as, for example, the formation of collagen and optimizing the viability of the tissues, or by repairing the damage caused from solar radiation, by pollution and from the excessive dryness.

What are the active ingredients that make more effective these super cosmetics as Wonderup Cream? Among the most recent and efficient substances used in Wonderup Cream we can include phytoestrogens of soy, polyunsatu-
rated fatty acids (omega 3 and omega 6), a precursor of vitamin A
and also flavonoids that, thanks to their conduct on the microcirculation, help oxygenation of tissues and then the turnover cell.

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