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Wonderup Cream:

As acting the natural product Wonderup Cream

As acting the natural product Wonderup CreamThe Cosmeceutical Breast - Body Cream - Wonderup is an emulsion with stimulating and restorative results with lifting effect . The presence of ceramides and oils from wheat germ and jojoba, combined with the effectiveness of the antioxidant Vitamin E, makes this formulation very valuable in the treatment of dryness and loss of skin tissues.
In addition, the scrupulous selection of sebum-compatible excipients makes the emulsion particularly rich but with a very high absorption factor. All this is further enhanced by the dermo-stimulating extracts “phyto-estrogen” as Soya and Hops. From these plants rich in phytoestrogens, are extracted isoflavones that contain substances such as genistein and daidzein, of which we now know their fortifying and compacting activities especially for the dermis of the body.

But what is a cosmeceutical?

The Cosmeceutical is the highest evolution of the cosmetic. Cosmeceutical is a word created by the dermatologist Albert Kligman who wanted to combine this new linguistic term, halfway between cosmetic products and drugs. The cosmeceuticals are neither medicines nor simple cosmetics but are a hybrid. Are different from traditional cosmetics because they are technologically advanced and therefore more active and more rapidly absorbed by the skin. But they are also different by drugs because although they contain, sometimes, the same essences rules of certain medicines, do not promote the side effects characteristic of these last.
The Cosmeceutical is the highest evolution of the cosmeticWe can say that these are active ingredients that are used in the cosme-
tic sector without creating secondary problems. To give an example, we can consider an anti-age based on retinoic acid that may have side effects, while a cosmeceutical based on Retinol, which is a substance similar but less active, does not create complications.

With cosmeceuticals as Wonderup, the cosmetology is moving towards a new dimension for also becoming a real and specific science whose development will be addressed, without exception, to attention to the health of the individual.
With regular use of Wonderup Nutraceuticals Cream we can achieve the following results:

  • Stimulating activities and neo-genetics with regard of dermal organisms due to ’action of isoflavones from soy and hops
  • Restorative effect and emollient at prolonged continuity due to the intervention of a plant compound sebum-like format from Jojoba, Shea oil, Almond Oil, Unsaponifiable Olive Oil and Ceramides
  • Lifting effect and anti-aging due to a combination of antioxidant vitamins (A.C.E.).
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