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Wonderup Cream:

Hops: ingredient of Wonderup Cream

Hops: ingredient of Wonderup CreamHops (Humulus lupulus) is an essen-
ce consists of umulene, myrcene, for-
mic acid and valeric acid, resin consi-
sts of umulone, lupulone, umulolo, fla-
vonoids, phytosterols, estrogenic sub-
stances, antibiotic-like principles.


Hops has aperitif properties, digestive, antispasmodic, sedative in central nervous system and sexual sphere, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial in urinary tract infection. According to popular tradition entering in infusions as bitter tonic to stimulate digestion and herbal sedative to help sleep and to alleviate the nervousness and excitability. By external topical applications alleviate rheumatism and arthritis.


The extracts of Hops entering in cosmetic products for firming and restorative action, ie in the milks, tonics, lotions and masks for toning the skin tissue. Furthermore entering in lotions and shampoos to stimulate the functions of the scalp and promote the growth of hair.


In addition to the production of beer, which is an essential ingredient for the known bittering agents and for the constitution of the unmistakable aroma, the hops are also used in other sectors and in different ways. In the herbal sector, thanks to the numerous active ingredients, hops presents interesting properties as to be used as a medicinal plant in the form of cream, infusion, tincture, tea, etc.

At the hops are attributed mildly sedative properties to the central nervous system, and is therefore useful in the treat-
ment of anxiety, insomnia, aggressiveness, gastrointestinal disorders of nervous origin. Due to the known bitter properties (α-acids) and aromatic (β-acids) is used as a stomachic, to stimulate appetite and dyspepsia of nervous origin. The presence of active principles antibiotic-like, confers on the hops a bactericidal action (against Gram + and Gram-) and anti-inflammatory at the level of the urinary tract.

Other properties attributed to the hops are essentially laxative, vermifuge, antipruriginose and mildly anesthetic. Furthermore, the presence of estrogen similar substances allows the use in disorders of hyperexcitability and hypersex-
uality male. External applications of inflorescences calm the neuralgic pains, rheumatism, and arthritis. In cosmetology the hops is used to revitalize and restore firmness and radiance to mature skin, wrinkled and relaxed.

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