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Avocado - Pag. 2

Wonderup Cream:

Avocado: ingredient of Wonderup Cream

Botanical description

Avocado: ingredient di Wonderup CreamEvergreen tree high to m. 20, with smooth bark and large foliage with persistent leaves dark green, shiny, oval-sha-
ped and waxy appearance. Has small greenish-yellow flowers grouped in panicles and big fleshy fruits pear-shaped green or brown.


Originally from Mexico and Central America, the avocado is widely cultivated in all tropical areas. There are several varieties on the market.

Main components

The part used is the pulp of the fruit. In fact, the dried pulp of the fruit of avocado contains up to 40% of a fatty oil mainly composed by glycerides of oleic acid (55-74%), linoleic acid (10-14%), palmitic acid (9-20%) and palmitoleic acid (3-7%).

Important component of avocado oil is also the unsaponifia-
ble fraction (2-12%), consisting of phytosterols (beta-sitoste-
rol, campesterol, citrostadienolo, etc..), Terpene alcohols, avocatine, volatile acids and liposoluble vitamins.

Cosmetic use

Avocado: ingredient of Wonderup CreamThanks to the particular fatty acid composition, responsible for the known nutrients and restoring properties, Avocado oil has excel-
lent eudermic characteristics and sebum-like; it is easily absorbed into the skin and facilitates the absorption of others active substances.

Mainly due to its unsaponifiable fraction, rich in tocopherols, carotenoids, phytosterols and a specific class of phytoche-
micals called avocatine, the Avocado enters in the composition of numerous cosmetic products destined for devitalized skins, dehydrated, rough and dull. Also gives to the skin an excellent protection against noxious agents (such as UV radiation).

The functional substances of the unsaponifiable fraction are in fact able to stimulate the activity of fibroblasts of the dermis promoting the synthesis of soluble collagen, while the avocatine in particular act as inhibitors of collagenase, a protease that destroys the collagen fibers.
All this results in an effective stimulus of the skin renewal, with a consequent increase of skin hydration and elasticity.

By virtue of these characteristics, the oil-based cosmetic products and unsaponifiable fraction of avocado are particularly suitable in anti-wrinkle treatments, stretch marks, firming and sun protection. The remarkable ability of hydrolipidic normalizing skin also make it a valuable ingredient for all cosmetic products destined for restoration of the physiological softness and hydration of the skin.

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