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Verbena: natural ingredient of Wonderup


Verbena: natural ingredient of WonderupVervain (Verbena officinalis, Verbena hastata) is common herb in the family Verbenaceae which is found easily among the ruins, the uncultivated fields, edges of cultivated fields, along roads, in the woods. It is common in Italy where it grows from plains to mountains. It grows well in England and North America, China and Japan.
It is known by the common names of Sacred Grass, Grass Crocetta, Columbine Grass, Grass Turkish barbegna, Coj dij prà grass de S.Gioan, clumbeina, Crous, purecella grass spleen, birbina, virminaca, crebena.

It was chosen as Wonderup ingredient because it is a good galactogogue: acts on the endocrine system and stimulates the secretion of milk in nursing mothers, thus favoring the natural development of the breast that is the main receptor of the female hormones.

Other characteristics and properties of Verbena
  • Tonic: acts on the entire organism to invigorate and strengthen all the organs
  • Anti-neuralgic: useful for alleviating neuralgic pains and menstrual
  • Emmenagogue: stimulates menstrual flow if low
  • Diaphoretic: affects liver and detoxification systems due to its ability to increase breathing and stimulate the outflow of toxins through the skin. Also used to assist the immune system due to its ability to drive the fever
  • A diuretic and depurative the liver and the spleen
  • Antipyretic: acts on the immune system for its ability to drive the fever
  • Anti-inflammatory: acting on the immune system due to its ability to counteract inflammation
  • Antirheumatic: acts on the immune system, relieving pain and preventing rheumatic diseases
  • Expectorant: acts on the immune system and reactivity due its ability to facilitate the removal of the secretions of mucous membrane broncho-pulmonary and cause the expulsion of mucus from the respiratory tract. Hot tea, taken often, is recommended for fevers and colds, especially to relieve congestion on the throat and chest
  • Vermifuge: acts on the immune system due to its ability to cause the expulsion of intestinal worms
  • Vulnerary: acts on the immune system due to its ability to heal and treat wounds
  • Natural tranquilizer: useful in anxiety, insomnia and nervous tension even when these disorders are associated with stress
  • Antispasmodic acts on the nervous system due to its ability to prevent or relieve muscle spasm
  • Astringent: acts on the endocrine system and hormone function due to its ability to cause contraction of the tissues
  • Do not take during pregnancy.
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