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Ginseng: natural ingredient of Wonderup

Other characteristics and properties of Ginseng (continued ...)
  • Antioxidant: ginsenosides are potent scavengers of free radicals. The “Chemical and Pharmaceutical news bulletin” informs that, in publications of high scientific level are shown radioprotective effects of extracts of “Panax ginseng” against cellular damage from radiation, saying that it is possible to have a radiation protection similar to that of cysteamine. The ginseng protects against radiation (eg. those of the mobile phones) removing the oxidized fatty cell membrane; is the antioxidant action that prevents and reduces the damage of radiation
  • Antidepressant and tonic for the cerebral system: Panax Ginseng has been shown to improve the tone of mood, mnemonic capacity and concentration. According to Ayurvedic medicine, Panax Ginseng is a plant more tonic and rejuvenating, revitalizing the body and the mind. It is indicated especially to correct the disorders of the elderly
  • It is totally safe from the toxicological point of view, since it has no side effects.

Inevitably the question of safety comes as a result of the study of, 1979 RK Siegel, who gives a ginseng abuse syndrome, characterized by nervousness, insomnia, etc.. The study is now discredited, since 14 of the 133 persons examined (the 14 who had the so-called ginseng abuse syndrome) were all using beverages as caffeine.
In addition, ginseng included in the study included teas, capsules, extracts, tablets, roots, chewing gum, cigarettes and candies, as much as 15 g. day! The study has been totally discredited, but continues to be widely cited.

Recommendations for the use of Ginseng

Not recommended during pregnancy and lactation. Not recommended for use with large amounts of caffeine. Not suitable for children or in cases of hyperactivity. Do not exceed recommended dose. Do not take if there is a high fever.

History and curiosity about Ginseng

Ginseng is one of the most famous oriental medicinal herbs in the worldGinseng is one of the most famous oriental medicinal herbs in the world. The traditional Chinese philosophy of man-shaped root that enhances and prolongs their lives (in countries of origin is known as the "potion of longevity") has been confirmed in the laboratory (Schopper), and most researchers agree that Korean ginseng exhibits excellent adaptogenic properties that help tone and balance metabolic function and recovery of the body.

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