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Ginseng - Pag. 2


Ginseng: natural ingredient of Wonderup

Characteristics and properties of Ginseng (continued ...)

Recently, an antioxidant substance called “Maltol”, was discovered by Korean researchers. And research continues to uncover the secrets of a root which seems to still retain many of its mysteries.

Although miraculous cures were attributed to Ginseng and its botanical name suggests an ability of panacea, its main use is as a tonic. Its unique combination of active components and acts on a vast range of functions such as absorption of glucose, brain function, breathing and endocrine glands. The root is used as a tonic for invigoration and combat fatigue, reduced work capacity, concentration, and in convalescence.
Ginseng helps to restore normal glandular function after birth control or hormonal therapy (synthetic). Ginseng’s modern pharmacology recognizes a tonic, invigorating, confirming the Eastern ancient tradition.

Other characteristics and properties of Ginseng
  • Adaptogen: affects the immune system, endocrine and nervous systems due to its ability to increase the ability of the organism to adapt to internal and external stress strengthening those systems. The adaptogen drug is a substance that increases the reaction capability of the brain and adrenal glands, thus improving the resistance of the organism against a wide variety of damaging agents, chemical character, physical, mechanical, pharmacological and biological. In other words, the adaptogen drug helps the body to adapt easily to circumstances that it affect
  • Tonic: act on all systems due to its ability to invigorate and reinforce all systems and organs. Korean ginseng is particularly useful for patients recovering from serious injury, major surgery or debilitating age-related diseases. It is useful in supporting long-term diseases, respiratory weakness, systemic weakness, brain function, for the absorption of sugar, for the endocrine glands and for all deficiency diseases
  • Stimulant: affects all systems due to its ability to temporarily increase the function and activities quickly
  • Hypoglycaemic: it acts on the endocrine system and hormone function due to its ability to reduce or control high blood sugar rate (which is primarily the responsibility of the pancreas)
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