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Wonderup: frequently asked questions

Increase the beauty and the breast size? The differences in metabolism and in body chemistry can influence the speed and efficiency of action of the herbs. Let us remember that the product is NOT a drug but a natural supplement and therefore much depends on how our body is able to assimilate in a positive manner the various specifications of the herbs contained in it! Despite all however a significant increase in the beauty of the breast occurs in almost all cases (more to 75%). Wonderup is an excellent help to tone sagging breasts caused by pregnancy or menopause.

And women with already ample breasts, they will see improvements on the firmness with Wonderup? Many women with abundant sizes have found a firming and a more tonic breasts with Wonderup, which acquires a more rounded and youthful shape.
In fact, assuming Wonderup, wrinkled and sagging breasts tend to fill up and tone up, acquiring a more youthful appea-
rance and healthy. In these cases, breast size remains stable or increases only slightly, but it has mainly a firming, toning and uplifting effect, which is a pleasant surprise for those who already have abundant sizes.

How long will assume Wonderup natural product for the beauty and the tonicity of the breast? We must assume forever? Once obtained the optimal results, usually in about 90 days, you should continue with a minimum program of maintenance of only 2 tablets a day, to keep the results obtained. A maintenance period of 3 months is usually more than adequate.
After the initial treatment of three months, continue with 2 tablets a day until the end of the fourth bottle. In addition, supplement your diet daily with beneficial properties of natural ingredients of Wonderup also contributes to the general welfare and maintains the natural hormonal balance.

Side effects and contraindications using Wonderup, the natural product for the beauty and the tonicity of the breast? There are no known side effects or contraindications to the use of the natural product Wonderup. It is a formula composed of herbs selected and calibrated and used for centuries in herbal medicine.
There is a particular alleviation of PMS and menopause symptoms. Many women also report a significant improvement in health and strength of nails, skin and hairs. Wonderup acts regulating the body’s natural production of hormones and many of its ingredients have antioxidant action (ie to help fight free radical damage tissues) in addition to specific healing properties, thus contributing to the general welfare.

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