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Wonderup: frequently asked questions

Contains estrogen? Absolutely not! The herbs in the formula does not contain estrogen or other hormones. Rather contain the so called “phytoestrogens”, that does not are hormones themselves (have you ever know stories about plants with hormones?) But rather herbal substances with similar structure to human hormones.

Wonderup is not a drug. It is a natural product. It is a herbal preparation, based on herbs commonly used and regarded as entirely safe by the approval bodies around the world. The herbs also have vitamin and mineral properties, but the product is designed primarily for its healing properties on the body with overall localized effects on the breast.

Works on all the women? The individual results can be vary and we can not guarantee equal results for all but Wonderup was effective for the majority (over 75%) of women who have used it regularly for at least three months.

Many women who have not had immediate results and growth have also been firming later, insisting beyond the first month. And above all, is very important to assume the product regularly, and before eating with water. This is the only recommendation for correct absorption of the herbs and for their better functioning.

what age can you take this natural product indicated for the beauty and the breast care? Wonderup can be used by women of all ages, from 18 years upwards, who wish to rejuvenate her breasts. It is a totally natural and safe product that also helps in alleviating the symptoms of PMS and menopause; it contains natural substances that contribute to the general welfare through their effect of inhibition of free radicals.

What is Wonderup tablets cost? Visit the prices page.

Shipping costs? Delivery time? Visit the shipping.

How long does it take before to see results? Since the body of every woman, the health condition and metabolism are unique, based on herbs remedies, like all supplements, work individually. Most women have seen the first results in about 4 weeks and many immediately begin to notice a slight tingling in your breasts, and a firming since the early days of use - signs that the herbs are beginning to take action locally. But these sensations are entirely individual, and the results may vary - some women do not feel any tingling and initial results obtained, however, later, more or less gradually. It is recommended to consider Wonderup as a program of 90 days (3 months).

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