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Carrot: natural ingredient of Wonderup

The history, curiosity and the origins of the carrot

According to some authors, the varieties now cultivated of carrot (Daucus carota) derives from indigenous subspecies of the Mediterranean basin, even though recent research in Afghanistan indicates the likely area of origin of this horticultural species.

The carrot was already known to the Greeks and Romans and Arabs, who used more for medicinal purposes than for food. In early Celtic literature, the carrot is Referred to as the "Honey Underground"! The first records of the orange carrot root, rich in carotene and conical, date from the seventeenth century. Only in the last century were described in France the first varieties.

The cultivation of carrot

About two-thirds of world production of carrots is obtained in Europe and Asia. 75% of Italian production, which amounted around 500,000 tonnes, comes from only three regions: Sicily (42%), Abruzzo (21%) and Latium (12%). Other important areas for this cultivation are Veneto region, Emilia-Romagna region and Puglia region.

The varieties are generally classified according to the form and length of the root. Among those with short roots and with a spheroidal shape, is remind the Red Parisian or Paris Market, Signal, and Red short. Among those at the root medium, the most valuable are Nantes, Chantenay, Amsterdam and Touchon. As regards the Cultivars long root, the most diffused in Italy is the Fiumicino.

Consumption and conservation of the carrot

In addition to being consumed in its natural state, the carrot can be used to make juices, purées, soups, cakes and pies.
At a temperature of 0°C and a relative humidity of 90-95%, carrots can be stored for several months, maintaining practically unchanged all its organoleptic characteristics.
It is interesting that from the central flower of the plant it is extracted a purple coloring matter very appreciated by miniaturists.

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