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Alfalfa: natural ingredient of Wonderup

Alfalfa (Medical Grass): natural ingredient of WonderupIt was chosen for Wonderup, natural product for the beauty and the tonicity of the breast, because it contains phytoes-
and more precisely: Isoflavones, phytoalexins (whose structure is similar to that of oestradiol, which has estrogenic properties), Medicagolo and coumarins complex (the structure of which is similar to that of an estrogenic hormone), stilbe-

Characteristics and properties of Alfalfa

The alfalfa is a perennial herb. It has been for millennia the secret of the longevity of some animals to the high content of minerals, vitamins, proteins and enzymes. The deep rooting system of alfalfa allows the plant to absorb nutrients from deep under the soil. This system provides the plant nutrition protein (owns 18% protein, 5% more than eggs and 15% more than milk), beta carotene, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytoalexins, phytoestrogens and isoflavones, and the alkaloids asparagine and trigonelline.

With their rich variety of elements necessary to life, such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids and oligoelements, is appreciated for revitalizing a tired body, but also to strengthen nails and hair.

The plant is a rich source of chlorophyll, the largest commercial. Alfalfa, along with barley or wheat and spirulina, which contain chlorophyll, have been shown to be helpful in healing anemia, bleeding, diabetes, gastritis, ulcers, disorders of colon, bad odor and bad breath.
It also has the following characteristics:

  • Mineralizing: rich in minerals such as phosphorus, silicon, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, boron, iron, manganese, copper, cobalt
  • Vitamin and nutrient: rich in vitamins and contains vitamins A, Beta-carotene, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B8, B12, C, D, E, K, Folic Acid
  • Rich in amino acids: (the building blocks of proteins in the body) that make it a natural anabolic
  • Used to prevent premature aging, prevent arteriosclero-
    sis, anti-degenerative
    . Furthermore, the use of this plant in osteoporosis as mineralizing is suggested by the presence of phytoestrogens (phytoalexins) and these minerals: Ca, P, Fe, Zn, Cu, Se, Si
  • Sexual tonic
  • Increases resistance to disease
  • Promotes the function of the pituitary gland: gland at the base of the brain and connected to the hypothalamus, which receives important neural and vascular signals. The front part release different hormones under the control of the hypothalamus and the rear part (neurohypophysis) stores and releases hormones synthesized in the hypothalamus
  • Trophic-tonic: it acts on the endocrine system and hormone function due to its ability to boost growth and restore the function of a tissue, organ or a gland
  • Antihemorrhagic: acts on the immune system due to its ability to prevent or arrest hemorrhage, effect due to the presence of vitamin K. Alfalfa contains over 20,000 - 40. 000 U. I. of vitamin K natural. This substance protects from hemorragies and coagulate the blood, especially in cases of reduced prothrombin levels and is also used to stop menstrual flow and in cases of chronic nosebleeds
  • Eupeptic: improves digestion.
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