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Thematics annexed to WonderOver

Properties and application fields of phytoestro-
gens (Continued ...)
Neoplasms (Continued ...)

Always the isoflavone genistein is also responsible for the interruption of the formation of “stress proteins”: HSP and GRPI. HSP proteins are present in the cells of all living organisms and are rapidly induced by abiotic stress, typically by abrupt temperature variations. At the interior of the cells have the characteristic function of stabilizing proteins aiding the folding of and to prevent phenomena of denaturation of the same due to stress.
Some classes of HSPs are also able to bind specifically to receptors on immune cells significantly enhancing the response either innate that acquired.

The proteins GRPI defend neoplastic cells by the action of the immune system defense. Without the presence of such proteins, the cells die due to to the tumor. The isoflavones are efficient even in the protection from cancer of the prostate, by changing the concentration of the hormones present.
In Asian males, the incidence of prostate cancer is less than that of the West. Nevertheless, it is reasonable to suppose that even more reasons have an important part in this disease, such as the use of fats.

Phytoestrogens exhibit considerable activity even on the functionality of the central nervous system. The actions on the central nervous system are multiple and articulated, and not all still well defined. It was verified that lowering the concentration of FSH and LH [FSH and LH are two hormones produced by the pituitary gland that together ensure stimulation of the gonads (sexual glands), regularization of the TRH test (TRH acronym from ’English thyrotropin releasing hormone) or TRF (thyrotropin releasing factor) is an abbreviation which is indicated the hormone that releases thyrotropin by the hypothalamus. Is conveyed to the pituitary gland where it stimulates the secretion of hormones adeno ipophysaric. In particular, the TRH causes the secretion of thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) from the anterior pituitary (adenohypophysis). TRH also stimulates the secretion of prolactin and growth hormone, anti-dopaminergic, decreased production of prolactin. The anti-dopaminergic activity and decreased production of prolactin may be the conditions that trigger the process to good effect on mastodynia.

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