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Thematics annexed to WonderOver

Properties and application fields of phytoestro-
gens (Continued ...)

The presupposition that phytoestrogens take a prophylactic outcome with regard to different neoplasms stems from epidemiological studies and careful assessments on biological processes.

Multiple studies have documented that an incorrect and too tight correlation between the cells and estrogen, changes the homogeneity of the regular development.
It was found that substantial amounts of estrogen are often indicative of a more numerous growth of cells. It is believed that one of the causes of danger to the onset of breast cancer, similar to other types of hormone-dependent, may be most related to internal estrogen.

A considerable flow of estrogen, connecting to the receptors of the beta cells of these devices, may be the origin of the fractionation and uncontrolled reproduction of the cores. The isoflavones would be in a position to implement protective activity by hormone sensible tumors, by virtue of their ability to regulate the effects of endogenous estrogens.
In support of such concept is the assessment that while the detection of uterine cancer in the United States is 25 cases per 100,000 in Japan is 2 per 100,000. In addition to these facts, in Japan the risk of developing breast cancer is equal to only 5:00 to 8:00 per cent.

The isoflavones by competing with the same recipients of endogenous estrogens, make them unusable by the latter, decreasing the possibility of starting the process of uncontrolled cell division. Since their estrogenic activity is quite weak, do not run the risk of a solicitation of cell growth.

The isoflavone genistein has also an important role in counteracting the development of neoplastic cells. The quotient antiproliferative takes place, in addition to the device antiestrogenic type receptor, also through the interruption of the production of the enzyme-protein-tyrosine kinase, responsible for the solicitation of cell growth; to block angiogenesis, required for a training abnormal vascular direct the nutrition of neoplastic nuclei, to promote cellular apoptosis for interdiction of the amount dependent of cytochrome.
It is called apoptosis (from the greek word used to describe the leaves have fallen from the trees or the petals from the flowers), the process of programmed cell death that regulates the development of organisms. This death “physiological” (which is different from the pathological death, called necrosis), is of vital importance for the growth of normal tissues. Apoptosis is in fact deficient in neoplastic tissues).

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